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My Worst Fears

It was with great trepidation that I turned on my tele this morning at about 7.30, I thought ‘will England have made a mess of this and be 6 or 7 down?’ or ‘will we be in total control?’

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see Australia batting again. I couldn’t believe it, I thought ‘bloody England, here we go again’.

I then seen Mitchell Johnson’s devastating spell of bowling. Thank God he dosen’t bowl like that every week, as he would be the best bowler in the world by a mile if he did.

Nevertheless England should not have had a 1st innings deficit of 81, a mixture of some bad bowling and bad batting is clearly to blame for that, no matter how well Johnson did, it dosen’t excuse England losing 10 for 109.

I also thought it was a shame that Ian Bell didn’t get the chance to play a proper innings as he looked in great touch again, his shot to get out was clearly brought about by the match situation.

Bell’s form is in total contrast to Collingwood’s, who yet again showed he has a serious technical deficiency with the swinging ball. I’m sure Collingwood has taken more catches than he has scored test runs this year!

I’m not going to write us off in this test just yet, although we need to make sure Australia don’t get any more than 350 runs ahead, even then that might be too much as this pitch is offering a bit to the bowlers.

Sadly, I’m dreading turning on my tele even more on Saturday morning.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Dean

    You should become a fortune teller mate!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I’ve been banging on about it on this blog for over a week now, everywhere I was reading about how England will retain the Ashes in Perth, and in fairness if we had batted well in the 1st innings we could have done.

    But history shows that England’s batting isn’t as strong as we are continually told it is. Look at South Africa last winter, one proper batting performance and one win, the rest of the tour the batting was average and we struggled.

    Last summer we batted crap all series against Pakistan. We were in danger of losing the 4th test and drawing the series and only got bailed out by that amazing Trott/Broad partnership.

    History shows our batting is nothing special, thats why I have never got carried away with all this talk that winning the Ashes was a done deal.

    In the 2nd innings at Brisbane and for the whole 2nd test our batting was great, but we over achieved. It’s also not as bad as it has been in this test, to be honest I think it’s somewhere in the middle.