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I’ve been busy doing plenty of online cricket betting over the past couple of weeks with all of the Test matches currently in progress.

I had a good win on the 3rd Test between India and Australia. A smallish win on the 2nd Test between New Zealand and England. And a proper small win on Sri Lanka beating Bangladesh earlier this week (2nd Test).

With Australia, I could see they were struggling at the start of their 2nd innings in the final session of the day. It looked like the market expected a wicket though, as the India price wasn’t drifting much.

With the game reduced to a 4 day match, it generally didn’t take much for the Draw odds to start shortening, so I was wary about getting stuck in the trade if a wicket didn’t fall.

All in all though, it seemed like a fairly risk free trade. So I backed India and sure enough Australia lost a wicket a few minutes later. A second wicket fell fairly shortly afterwards so I traded out as they still had Michael Clarke (although injured) to come, and – as I already mentioned – the ‘Draw Factor’ was an issue due to a shortened match.

I managed to get a nice £40 green on India, and I left a moderate green of £13 on the Draw – just in case the Aussies pulled off a miracle.  

In the New Zealand V England match I managed to get over £50.00 green on England after Day 2. After that I took the dodgy looking weather forecast into consideration and I just done a few quick in and out trades on the Draw and managed to trade my way to around £13.00 green on it.

I traded the Sri Lanka match during tea on Day 3. I just put £150.00 bet up at 1.86 and a £150.00 lay up at 1.85. I won just over a £1.00 after commission and greening up. Not a big win I know!! But after a couple of decent wins in the two Tests referred too above, I didn’t want to be reckless and throw all those winnings away within a few hours.

After tea I sat there when Bangladesh were 2 down in their second innings looking at the the Sri Lanka price and couldn’t help thinking the 1.80 they were trading at looked good value.

I dithered and talked myself out of it, as Bangladesh had been quite competitive with the bat up until then in this series.

I checked back 10-20 minutes later to see Bangladesh 4 down and the Sri Lanka price in to around 1.22. I was well gutted, but I think there was just about enough doubt for me not to get involved. As I already stated , Bangladesh had been competitive with the bat, and Sri Lanka does have a reputation for producing some flat bed wickets. So with all this in mind I left it.

Although I missed out on a nice win, I did show some good discipline. I think sometimes taking the more cautious route doesn’t do anybody any harm. Ok, so I missed out on a nice win, but I know for a fact that if I had been a bit more cautious in the past, I wouldn’t have lost as often as I have.

I’m now starting to believe that this is the best way forward. Not losing is just as important (if not more important) than winning. If this attitude to cricket betting costs me the occasional win, then so be it.

I think it would be interesting if I was to start making records of bets I consider, but don’t actually place. Bets that I think are border line risky, and seeing where I would have ended up if I put the bet on. It could be interesting to see how often I might have lost, as opposed to win.

I know it sounds a bit daft to be keeping a list of bets I didn’t place, but in reality it could be a good move.

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