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There has been no real change in that price over the last few weeks now, showing that what has happened (on the pitch) at the ICC Champions Trophy has had no real impact on the cricket betting odds.

Ashes Betting – 1st Test Betting

England 10/11 — The Draw 9/4 — Australia 3/1

Off the pitch and reading between the lines, the Aussie camp does give the impression of a team in disarray. Just how close to the truth that is, I don’t know.

Assuming this isn’t the case, the Aussies could be happy for this to be believed, maybe thinking they are lulling the England team into a false sense of security.

They could be happy for this view ‘that England only have to turn up to win’ to carry on being fed to everyone, hoping that the England team fall for it, and that a complacent starting XI take to the field in Nottingham on 10th July.

How true are stories of rifts? And stories of a serious lack of confidence after the early Champions Trophy exit? I’m not convinced about them, and part of me thinks that they could be being conveniently put out there.

Hopefully England are just concentrating on their own business, and not getting carried away with what is apparently happening in the Australian camp.

Kevin Pietersen looks to have returned just in time. Hopefully he can get himself match fit and in reasonable form in time for the 1st Test. One thing that can be guaranteed with Pietersen, is that he will make sure he is in as good a shape as he can be, or to put it another way, he will have been looking after himself during his lay off.

Should England be concerned about Graeme Swann’s fitness? I think there is still a slight question mark over it. He is struggling to play back-to-back 50 over games at the moment, so how can he be a certainty to play Test cricket?

I know James Tredwell has done a good job in the 50 over game, but Test cricket is a different beast, and I think Monty will have to be on stand-by.

Neither Pieterson or Swann’s fitness have affected the Ashes Betting prices yet, but any hitches in the build up to the 1st Test could possibly see that change.

Ashes Betting – Series Winner 

England 2/5 — Australia 7/2 — Drawn Series 11/2

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