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Kevin Pietersen

Following on from yesterdays piece about Paul Collingwood’s sacking as England’s T20 captain and I see possible trouble ahead involving another England batsman and Andy Flower.
Kevin Pietersen made himself available for the captaincy of the 50 over team and was interviewed for the post, before being overlooked for two captains. Why?
Andy Flower has as good as said it isn’t ideal to have 3 captains and Kevin Pietersen offered England a real option to avoid this.
When you look at it, surely Pietersen had to be the best option if England really wanted to keep it down to 2 captains, as he could have done the 50 over and T20 teams. Andy Flower’s not stupid, he has obviously deliberately overlooked Pietersen for a reason, and I’d imagine that it’s not a cricketing reason.
Flower was on board during the Peter Moores affair and seen first hand what happened, maybe after witnessing that he doesn’t feel he can have a trusted and proper working relationship with Pietersen.
Or maybe it is that the England management are that unhappy with Pietersen’s early return from the world cup and general attitude towards playing, that they are deliberately snubbing him and possibly thinking about giving him the boot.
I’m tending to lean towards the latter view, we keep hearing stories of England being unhappy with Pietersen. They also couldn’t have been happy with his situation with Hampshire last season and the fact he couldn’t play when the selectors needed him too.
They dropped him last season to – presumably – give him a kick up the backside, has it really changed him? I’m not too sure.
The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced this will become a ‘watch this space’ story.

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  1. I think Kevin is by far the most successful batsmen in Indian grounds