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Ian Chappell writes off World Cup hopes

Yep, Chappell has concluded that as we couldn’t play spin in Australia, then how the hell are we going to cope with spin on the sub-continent? A valid point I suppose.

Chappell has really stuck his neck out though and predicted that we will make it out of the group stages. Well I’ll sleep at lot easier tonight knowing that.

Ian Botham’s great pal predicts a semi-final line up of Sri Lanka, South Africa, India and Australia.

I wonder who Salman Butt has predicted? As I’m sure his tips are far more accurate.

Chappell tips on cricket are about as good as mine though, like me, he also thought Alastair Cook would struggle in the recent Ashes series!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Dean

    Great arb on aussies at stans if you are quick.(bottom of this post)

  2. Thanks Geoff, was too slow off the mark, at work til late.

  3. Going on today’s performance, Chappell’s predictions would be hard to argue with.

    I can’t imagine that when Matt Prior was brought back, it was with a view to him batting down the order. I like KP opening, but this smacks of England tearing up the blueprint.

    I’m sure Morgan’s injury has had something to do with Flower totally changing his plans at the last minute. As much as losing Morgan weakens the squad, bringing Bopara in isn’t the worst outcome because at least it gives us more options at the top of the order.

  4. Yes, I agree it is almost always that the predictions of Salman Butt are highly accurate.