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Hurry up Trott!

Thats the view of Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons, who has called on the umpires to warn OCD Trott to be ready to face the next ball when the Bangladesh bowlers reach their mark and turn to start their run up.

It’s probably not much to ask of Trott, but it remains to be seen if this will have any effect on his approach to his batting.

Trott almost seems to enjoy the fact that it seems to get up his opponents noses. A lot of fuss was kicked up on the tour of South Africa also, but nothing changed there, or since.

There is a more than strong possibility that the Aussies will attempt to make an issue out of it later this year in the Ashes series, he will probably get dogs abuse out there.

Could this be a mistake though, could all this be Trott’s secret weapon?

It is hard to know whether all this increases the pressure on Trott? And if so, is it pressure he enjoys, pressure that makes him concentrate more and play better?

Sledging him over it could prove costly, it could be what he thrives on. It might be in the Aussies best interests to keep quiet on the issue.

One thing that is for sure, is that at the moment it seems to be working well enough. He scored over 250 runs in the last test match, and now has a test average of over 53 from his 8 matches to date.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I keep wondering what Ponting and co will make of it. Given the way they’ve reacted to previous gripes, such as the use of sub fielding, I can’t see them keeping quiet on the issue!

    Get the feeling Trott isn’t terribly popular, even amongst his own fans – he walked off to total silence after getting out today. I understand his little pre-ball ritual is a little irritating, but I quite like his quirky, unusual nature. Plus, after THAT innings against Oz, I’ll forgive him practically anything…

  2. You’re right Rich, there is no chance the Aussies won’t try and make an issue out of it.

    During the 1st test I got the feeling that he is not the most popular with his own team mates, the look on Strauss’ face when Trott nearly ran him out was telling.

    Remember what happened to Shah! I’d say running between wickets played a part in his axing.

    Always get the impression Trott will have to do a lot more than Colin Wood or Bell to keep his place.

    And yes, I have to agree, that innings buys him a hell of a lot of credit with me.

    He deserves to go to OZ for that knock alone, plus the fact that he is guaranteed to get under their skin!

  3. Remember the first test against Bangladesh? Trott had scored a double ton in first innings, was unbeaten in second yet wasn’t prepared to walk off after match was finished! he kept on stating at the crease and marking his guard..

    This guy is obsessed or what? but if he continues to so the same in OZ and frustrate Aussies, I wouldn’t mind, honestly.