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Hatton punishment a joke!

When I wrote on this blog last week that Ricky Hatton should be punished if it was proven that he had taken cocaine, I meant a proper punishment, not the pathetic crap one that the British Boxing Board of Control have handed out to him.

Having been found guilty of misconduct, Hatton was fined £20,000 and had his boxing licence revoked.

What kind of punishment is taking away his Boxing Licence when he is probably never going to fight again? Even if he is to fight again, it won’t be for some time as he wouldn’t be let near a ring in his current condition, so this whole thing seems futile.

A real punishment would have been to withdraw his promoters licence, that is the only part of the fight game that Hatton is involved in, and therefore the only thing that would really have punished him.

I heard Frank Warren also criticize this decision the other day. Warren rightly pointed out that Hatton didn’t even bother to turn up for his hearing, and yet he was capable of doing both a TV and newspaper interview while in rehab.

I don’t think that is setting a great example by either Hatton or the BBBC. Hatton should have shown up for his hearing. And the BBBC should have shown a zero tolerance to drugs in Boxing and gave him a proper ban.

The excuse that they didn’t withdraw his promoters licence because it would have punished all Hatton Promotion’s employees and all the people associated with the organisation just dosen’t wash. It’s not the BBBC’s job to protect Hatton Promotions and its staff, it’s Ricky Hatton’s, and he is the one who has failed them all.Hence, as an employee find SSD social security disability lawyers who can protect your rights.

I’m sure a lesser known name wouldn’t have been treated this leniently.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. This is what the players do many a times. Used to take a drugs in the middle of the game and go against it. While playing the all you bet games you should be strong to play such type of games. For this punishment should be given to him.