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Gile$ Clar£e and the Stanford Disaster

Paul Kelso has written an interesting piece in Thursday’s Daily Telegraph about how receivers acting for Allen Stanford’s victims are hunting down some of the larger reciprocants of the disgraced Texan’s fortune – and one of the names on the receivers list is?

Our very own ECB.

Obviously I’m no legal expert, but even I doubt very much that the ECB will have to stump up the cash they received from Stanford. Surely for the ECB to be culpable, they would have to have known it was (alledgedly) dodgy cash, made from (alledgedly) dodgy dealings.

It did remind me though of just what the ECB are guilty off. I know it’s old hat, but the ECB heaped disgrace and embarrassment on English cricket by selling out to a man wanting to further his own brand and large ego.

They should hang their heads in shame. If this story becomes a big one – which unfortunately I doubt it will – maybe this time it will shame the people responsible for this despicable act into doing what they should have done at the time, and resign.

When I read this story earlier, it reminded me of just how appauled at the time I was over this.

It also got me thinking about what kind of pathetic excuses Gile$ Clar£e would be reeling off this time, about how the game of cricket as we know it will change forever if the ECB have to pay out this money, etc.

The usual spin we get treated too from him whenever the great TV debate emerges. It also reminded me of why I can’t stand this bloke and why I believe he should have gone at the time.

If this story blows up again and makes him look stupid, then good!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?