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Come On Andy Murray

As I will be at Cheltenham Races all day on Saturday, I am going early with my post about Andy Murray getting to Sunday’s Australian Open final.

I am and always have been a Murray fan, I’m not one of these people that hates him because he had banter and said he supported Paraguay when they played England in 2006, that was lazy journalism at its worst.

Murray had given up his time to promote tennis in the community with Tim Henman and a stupid lazy journo from the Daily Mirror decided to run a story that Murray hated England because he had some banter with Tim Henman about the football world cup. An absolute joke.

Enough about that, Murray didn’t play his best game against Ferrer today and could easily have lost. He will almost certainly have to up it, to beat Novak Djokovic on Sunday.

I find that Murray loses concentration during matches and his level of intensity can drop off, as it did today. He also showed nerves today, as he did at this stage 12 months ago.

If he can get it all together on Sunday, he has a chance. Personally, I think if Djokovic plays like he did against Federer, then he should win comfortably.

But this is where Murray has his chance, Djokovic is no Federer or Nadal when it comes to closing the deal. Yes he has a grand slam title, but thats a few years back now. Nerves are more likely to affect him, than they are the other 2.

So if Murray can bring his A game with him on Sunday and put pressure on the Serb from the off, then who knows. I justy hope I’m in a fit state to get up and watch.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Totally with you Dean. That ‘anti-England’ story was blown out of all proportion – as you say, it was BANTER – and it’s really annoying how many people still talk about it and still believe it.

    He’s a good lad. He grew up in front of the camera, which never occurs without the odd slight mishap, but he’s turned into an admirable sportsman. Judging by the first half hour it’s going to be a close one…!

  2. Thanks Rich,

    I half expected someone to come on here and slag him off – and me for writing what I did.

    It annoys me a lot, the amount of bullcrap people say about him.

    Too many people wrongly judge him without knowing the facts, he was having the piss taken out of him about Scotland not qualifying for the world cup and was getting asked what he was going too do when he got knocked out of Wimbledon, as he would have no interest in the world cup. So basically he was getting stick on two fronts and hit back with the Paraguay jibe, four and a half years on and some idiots still hold it against him.

    I’ve heard people say he is anti-english because in press conferences I’ve seen him pick up on foreign journalists who call him English. So what, what do people expect him to do? If we Englishmen get called Welsh, Scottish or Irish (no offence meant and not a problem to me, I’ve got plenty of Irish blood myself), we would put people straight as well. So what is he doing wrong there? Absolutely nothing.

    He was well beaten in the end, I agreed with a lot of what Boris Becker said afterwards, that he should try and take the positives out of it, instead of beating himself up.

    To lose to a bloke that destroyed Federer like he did is no disgrace, although he is obviously coming up way too short in slam finals. I expected him to at least take it to 4 sets.

    I have to admit to being very impresses with Djokovic in his aftermatch comments. To remember the flood victims at a time when his mind must have been all over the place shows just what an intelligent level headed bloke his is.

    His remarks also said to me that he seems very conscious of the image his country is held in around the world. He is certainly improving that image.

    In the end it was disappointing for Murray, I just hope that this dosen’t knock him too much. Sometimes I think he is his own worst enemy, in the ways he seems to beat himself up. When in reality he isn’t too far away.

  3. Agree, that I wished him the best.

    I think tough that he needs to work on his aura. Nadal projects calm, power and can be intimidating. Federer projects total control, feeling of expertise and ‘I’ve done it all’. I think they both have an intimidating effect on the opponent.

    Murray gives of a tense , ‘storrpy teenager’ aura. His opponent always feels that he could get under his skin and set off his internal demons.

    More work to be done yet.

    Also, having lost, i was disapointed by all the talk of I am sure you will win a major one day. Has it become too important? Like Colin Montgomery in Golf, is it too much of a mental hurdle, so he will always trip himself up at the last minute?

  4. Wouldn’t disagree with that Sports Fan, his on court persona has been something he has needed to work on for some time, I think it does reflect his mentality and lets his opponents know ‘which Murray’ has turned up on the day.