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Australia are certainly in the driving seat after yesterday’s odd display from England, and the online bookmakers now make the visitors the favourites.

The cricket betting odds for this match are now Australia 10/11 – England 11/8 – The Draw 11/2.

The draw price collapsed yesterday along with England’s batting. I still wouldn’t completely rule it out as the weather is a bit unpredictable, but from what we have seen of the majority of the batting so far in this series, it would be a brave call to predict we could get enough quality batting, or rain, to prevent a result here.

Yesterday I pretty much dismissed talk of Australia having all the momentum as over hyped rubbish. I’m standing by that – for the time being. Or to be more accurate, I’m standing by that until after Australia have batted on this wicket (in the hope they will also collapse).

Fair play to Nathan Lyons, with all the mixed signals he seems to get from the Aussie hierarchy it’s no wonder he looks about 15 years older than he is, but I was generally pleased for him yesterday.

He has had to endure getting dropped for the unknown Ashton Agar, and then put up with all the talk of Fawad Ahmed getting drafted in as some sort of super hero. A bloke who in is in his 30’s, and for some unknown reason – despite having not made it yet – is being lorded as some sort of spin bowling saviour of Australian cricket.

None of which can be too helpful for Nathan Lyon’s confidence.
As for England, I don’t quite get exactly what they were trying to do yesterday. I kind of got the morning session, get through a tricky spell of testing conditions and the new ball….. but after that???

After lunch it seemed to be all out attack one minute, followed by a spell of block, block, and more blocking, the next. The only consistent thing from lunch onwards, was the continuous fall of English wickets. Usually when England collapse, it’s done in a cavalier manner, yesterday was just odd and very confusing.

In all fairness Australia played well yesterday. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m saying the match situation is as it is because England were rubbish, as in the main, it’s down to the Aussies bowling well.

I’m not convinced Australia won’t also struggle on this wicket though. Conditions could be bowler friendly on Saturday, and England may well be able to bowl their way back into the match.

Alternatively, it could already be the case that England haven’t got enough runs to defend. The momentum may have already turned, and it could well be the case that I’m wrong again.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?