Cricket World Cup Top Bowler Betting

What Is Top Bowler/Wicket Taker Betting?

It might seem obvious to a seasoned cricket gambler, but if you are just starting out betting on cricket because of the World Cup and aren’t 100% sure what Top Bowler/Top Wicket Taker betting means, it is simply a bet on who you think will take the most wickets at the 2015 World Cup.

This bet will include every wicket taken in every match of the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the bowler who has taken the most wickets is the Top Bowler/Top Wicket Taker.

This betting market may be given different titles with different bookmakers. Some will call it ‘Top Bowler’ betting, and some will call it ‘Top Wicket Taker’ betting, essentially, it is the same bet.

If two or more bowlers finish on the same amount of wickets (like in 2011 when two bowlers both finished top with 21 wickets), the outcome of the bet will depend on the relevant bookmakers.

World Cup official statistics will give the bowler with the lower bowling average the higher placing, as they did in 2011, making Shahid Afridi the official winner.

Bookmakers are different beasts though. There will no doubt be some who will pay out on the official winner, but some may apply dead heat rules if two or more bowlers take the highest amount of wickets. Whichever bookmaker you are betting with, be sure to check their cricket world cup betting rules for this before you place any bets.

2015 Cricket World Cup Bookmakers

Top Bowlers/Wicket Takers At Previous World Cups

With the last World Cup held in spin friendly conditions in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, using these stats might not be very comparable for what is likely to be more of a seam friendly World Cup in 2015.

That said 21 wickets was enough to be top wicket taker last time out, so that gives you an indication of how many wickets could be needed this time around.

2011 Top Five Bowlers/Wicket Takers….

21 Wickets – Ave 12.85 – 8 Matches – Shahid Afridi
21 Wickets – Ave 18.76 – 9 Matches – Zaheer Khan
18 Wickets – Ave 17.33 – 8 Matches – Tim Southee
15 Wickets – Ave 15.86 – 7 Matches – Robin Peterson
15 Wickets – Ave 19.40 – 9 Matches – Muttiah Muralitharan
15 Wickets – Ave 25.13 – 9 Matches – Yuvraj Singh

As eluded too above, if two or more bowlers finish on the same amount of wickets, the official stats will give the higher placing to the bowler with the lower average (ave) – ie, Afridi and Khan both had 21 wickets back in 2011, but Afridi had a better average, 12.85 – compared to Khan’s 18.76.

2015 World Cup Top Bowler Betting

The 2015 World Cup is being held in Australia and New Zealand. The wickets in these two countries will be more productive for seam/fast bowlers.

Conditions in New Zealand can be very seam friendly, similar to those in England. The pitches in Australia seem to be very batsman friendly these days, but if they are going to accommodate any bowlers, they will be helpful to out and out quick bowlers like Mitchell Johnson.

It’s always worth looking at the grounds and the type of conditions they are renowned for when selecting your bets. Then check how many fixtures a team will be due to play there in their group fixtures. For example, have a look to see if a good swing bowler might have a few matches in New Zealand, etc.

You also need to bear in mind that the main fast bowlers might well get a rest against the (so called) minnows in the group stages (unlike the batsmen). For example, Australia may well rest Mitchell Johnson against Afghanistan if they have started their campaign well.

Another cricket betting tip to look for is who usually opens and closes the bowling. Due to changes in playing regulations, batsmen now go after the opening bowlers, meaning more chances for cheap wickets. This applies even more in the final overs, when the the death bowlers can pick up a glut of cheap wickets against a team throwing the bat at everything.

The main favourites in the Top Bowler/Top Wicket Taker betting are seamers/fast bowlers Mitchell Johnson, Dale Steyn, Lasith Malinga, Mitchell Starc, Mourne Morkel and James Anderson, along with spinner Sunil Narine.

Other popular cricket world cup betting markets are Top Batsman Betting, To Qualify From Group Betting, Continent of Winning Team (ie, Asia, Australasia, etc), First Time (new) Winner Betting, etc.

Each-Way Top Bowler Betting

If you are betting Each-Way, always try and find a bookmaker who may be offering an extra places. Currently offering 1/4 odds for a top 5 finish is Paddy Power and Betvictor.