Cricket Spread Betting Tips

Spread Betting Companies

Spread Betting provides a slightly different method for betting on cricket, and offers punters with a hunch – that a player might prosper or struggle – a great way of making money.

If you are successful at Spread Betting, it can be very rewarding. Get it badly wrong, and it can seriously punish you. The most established Spread Betting company in the market place today is Sporting Index, you can open an account with them here and claim a £100.00 Welcome Bonus in the process.

We have a more detailed look at how spread betting works on out Cricket Spread Betting Explained page, but we have also included an example below.

How Spread Betting Works

With Spread Betting, you basically Buy or Sell. For example, Alastair Cooks 5 Test match Ashes total runs spread is Sell 390 – Buy 410.

What this means is if you think Alastair Cook will score under 390 runs, you would sell his series runs. If you sell Cook’s runs at £1.00 a run and he score 300 runs, you would win £90.00 (90 X £1.00). Alternatively, if Cook scores 450 runs, you would lose £60.00 (60 x £1.00). More examples can be found on our Cricket Spread Betting Explained page.

Ashes Spread Betting Tips

The 2017/18 Ashes is upon us. The 1st Test is currently in progress, so we will have our latest Spread Betting Tips available ahead of the 2nd Test starting on 2nd December.