Cricket Online

Following cricket online is a a good way of keeping up to speed with what is happening in a match if you have no television pictures to follow a game with.

If I am betting on cricket I like to be able to see the game. This is not always possible though as there may not be live coverage on British television. In these situations I generally try and pick up a live commentary or a feed online.

This could be in the form of a typed commentary with live cricket scores, like you get from Cricinfo or Cricbuzz, or it could be a radio commentary from a local station, or the country’s national broadcaster (like the BBC in this country).

Of these two methods, the radio commentary is obviously the most up to date way of keeping afoot with what is happening. The typed commentary is handy if you don’t want to (or can’t) listen to the radio, or you can’t get a commentary in your desired language, depending on where the game is being played.

Following cricket online is helpful in many other ways. It also allows you to access Twitter feeds, this can be handy for information on cricket betting, something that the standard TV, radio, or online cricket commentaries won’t help you with.

I find that Twitter can be useful for finding out up to date Duckworth/Lewis calculations, it can also be helpful for weather predictions if you are following someone who’s in the ground, or someone who lives near the ground.

You can find no end of valuable, helpful information for cricket betting (or online betting in general) on Twitter.

You can also access weather information online, something I have to keep a very close eye on when I am trying to bet on a Test match. In some circumstances in the past, I have found a local live webcam in the city or town where a Test match is being played, and kept an eye on the weather from that.

Mobile phone apps can also be handy. For example if a Test match is being played in Asia, it will be starting fairly early UK time. In these situations I have the option to stay in bed and use my app to find out what’s going on, and if I need to get up, I will.

I also have the option to place my cricket bets using the app on my phone (from the comfort of my bed).

Following cricket online isn’t difficult and can be very rewarding. If like me, you do a lot of cricket betting and want to make money, I would say learning about following cricket online is an essential tool you can’t be without.

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