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Cricket Betting Sites

A decent cricket betting site should provide a good wide range and scope of helpful information, such as information on depositing from various countries, which bookmakers offer value, bookmakers offering money back specials, help where to find cricket stats, help about various types of bets, etc, etc, and that is what we aim to provide here.

To get started, I will share with you my views on particular bookmakers that are good cricket betting sites, and more importantly, why they are good sites for betting on cricket with.

Paddy Power are an Irish bookmaker who cater for cricket betting punters in the northern hemisphere (mainly UK and Ireland). You can open a Paddy Power account here and claim a £50.00 Free Bet.

Paddy Power are especially strong for offering money back incentives on limited overs cricket. For example, in the recent Big Bash they had a daily money back promotion, and I fully expect them to have a daily cricket world cup betting promotion. The money back specials are offered on losing bets if something happens in the match, the money back special is usually triggered by something like a 6 getting hit in the last over of the match, etc.

These refunds come in the form of a free bet and are based on losing bets in the Match Winner market. While they aren’t always going to come off, it is worth considering placing your bets with Paddy Power if you like betting on this market, as you are getting a third option. Instead of just winning or losing, you have the possibility of winning, losing, or losing and getting your money back as a free bet.

Sportsbet are the Australian arm of Paddy Power and cater for cricket bettors in the southern hemisphere (mainly New Zealanders and Aussies). Like their northern hemisphere counterparts, Sportsbet also offer cash back incentives on all the major limited overs events like the Big Bash, IPL, ICC World T20 and the 50 Over Cricket World Cup.

Like with Paddy Power, you may find online bookmakers offering better odds on the team you want to back, but they may not be offering a money back incentive. In these situations, you need to weigh up the options of better odds, or the possibility of getting your money back should you lose.

Sportsbet’s markets and odds also cater predominately for the Australasian market, meaning they are a good all round option for southern hemisphere gamblers. They cover sports like Australian Rules Football, Harness Racing, Australian A league soccer. You can open a Sportsbet account here and claim their welcome bonus.

Moving on and if you like trading cricket, you may wish to get yourself a Betfair account (you can open one here and claim a free bet). Betfair offers punters two cricket betting options, you can just bet on cricket in the conventional way using their Sportsbook (like the other bookmakers), or you can use their Betting Exchange for trading cricket.

One Betfair login works for both the Sportsbook and Betting Exchange. If you just like betting on cricket in the conventional method, you can also do this using their Sportsbook. I find that the Betting Exchange has far more markets available to bet on than the Sportsbook, which gives you more options if you like betting on more obscure cricket betting markets.

bet365 don’t offer any money back incentives or gimmicks on their betting site, but what they do give you is a £200.00 Welcome Bonus and a wide range of currencies to deposit in. For example, you can only open a Paddy Power account using Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Bet365 offer accounts in a whole host of international currencies. You can open a bet365 account in AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, INR, JPY, MYR, MXN, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, TWD and USD, using a debit or credit card. This is especially helpful if you are looking to open an account in Indian Rupees, as it saves you the hassle of having to get money exchanged to Pounds Sterling, or US Dollars.

The other option for cricket bettors using Rupees is to use an e-wallet system. The main companies for e-wallets are Neteller and Skrill. With an e-wallet you can just simply deposit Indian or Pakistani Rupees (for example) into an account, and convert the money to the relevant currency you are looking to open the betting account with.

You can also do this with your bet365 account if you are using Indian Rupees. Using this method you obviously won’t need to exchange currencies (meaning you save money), but you will be transferring straight to an e-wallet from your bank account, avoiding the issues of depositing directly from an Indian bank account to a bookmakers.

Please note, although the law is a bit of a grey area in India depending on what State you are in, the likelihood is that betting on cricket in India will be deemed illegal. You should only be doing any of the above if you are betting from outside India, in a jurisdiction where gambling is legal.

Before you place any bets on cricket, you may wish to do some homework by checking statistics. It can be handy to check statistics so you can give yourself an idea of how a particular with might play. For example you may wish to place a bet on a spin bowler to be top bowler, so you could check the recent history of matches played on that ground to establish if a lot of wickets have been taken by spinners there.

A good site I use for checking statistics like these is Cricinfo. They have an archive selection of all international matches played, with full results, allowing you to see who took what wickets on what grounds, etc.

You can then click on the player’s name who took the wickets to see what type of bowler he is, seam bowler, or spinner, etc.

Cricinfo is also handy for live scoring, allowing you to follow the (written) commentary of all major international matches as they are played. Another website good for live cricket commentary is Cricbuzz, both of these websites also have mobile phone applications allowing you to follow cricket live on the go through your mobile or tablet.