Completed Match Market Trading On Betfair

As cricket is a sport generally played in summer conditions, this is usually a pretty redundant market. Which is why it’s not generally catered for by the bookmakers.

When there is a bit of rain in the air thought, or other unpleasant conditions come into play, this market just catches fire.

This is even more so the case in important matches, such as big live TV matches, or at the cricket world cup, etc. You may ask why? And the answer would be that there is a feeling that if there is a lot riding on a match, more effort will be made to get an official result.

As a result of this, you get a situation where in normal circumstances a match may have been abandoned, but in the case of a cricket world cup semi-final for example, all efforts will be made to get a game on, and more corners will get cut.

General protocol would suggest the match will be called off, and you may well find some punters base their bets on this. Other punters may decide that they can see a shortened match going ahead for the sake of TV, etc, and they may base their bets on this. And this can all combine to be a recipe for a very volatile market, in which there will be some very big winners, and some very big losers. So be aware.

When betting on this market, take into consideration the event and the keenness of the organisers to get an official result. They will tell you until the cows come home that the decision is left to the umpires, but the importance of an official result in a match of major significance won’t be lost on the umpires.