Test Match Betting – Zimbabwe V Bangladesh

How I greened up my cricket bets on the test match between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

I did a bit of cricket betting this week on the Zimbabwe V Bangladesh test match, currently taking place in the shadow of the IPL. Above is the screenshot I took after Day 2’s play had finished, it shows the cricket bets that I placed overnight after Day 1’s play had finished (before the start of Day 2’s play).

Sometimes when a test match – or any cricket match, for that matter – isn’t regarded as a big game (in the world of cricket betting), trading can be a bit slow. This is no bad thing though, as it opens up some nice big gaps in the market that can be exploited with a bit of patience and discipline.

In total, I did two cricket bets at the end of Day 1’s play. At the time I placed my first bets the draw was trading at 2.34 to back and 2.36 to lay. I placed my back bet of the draw at 2.36 for £125.00, and then placed my lay at 2.28 (for £125.00). I then left my computer, and when I checked back about an hour later they had both been matched.
At this stage the draw had come in to about 2.30, but I noticed that there was a massive gap in the market below 2.30. So I put a lay bet up at 2.22, and a back bet at 2.34 – again for £125.00, and I then went to bed.
I got up in the morning expecting/hoping the back bet to be matched, but not really the lay bet, I was amazed to find both had been matched.
It was my intention to have my back bet matched (at 2.34), and hopefully find in the morning that I could lay at 2.30 to 2.32. The worst case scenario I thought I might find was the price had drifted out to about 2.36, meaning a slight loss on that trade (but I would still have been in overall profit from the first trade).  
Anyway, when I did check my bets to find they had been matched, the draw was available to lay at 2.38 (a bit worse than my overnight worst case scenario , which I then did for £10.50, to level out my profit across all three outcomes.
This all means that overnight the draw traded at 2.22 when the market was quiet. It must have been a falsely low price, as it was trading at 2.36 (to back), and 2.38 (to lay), about an hour before the second day’s play got under way.
This just goes to show how a market can fluctuate greatly – and how money can still be made – when there isn’t much money in it.

An interesting game in Harare

With the current England V India series taking place, which includes stupid run outs, commentary box spats and Indians getting upset over Vaseline jibes from ex England captains, it is very easy to overlook the fact that there is test cricket going on in another part of the world.
There is currently a great test match taking place at the Harare Sports Club, between the host nation Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. And despite not playing a test match since 2005, Zimbabwe look set for a remarkable victory.
Although I’ve no pictures, as I’ve had a bet on the game I’ve been following it on Cricinfo. From what I can gleam from this on line coverage, Zimbabwe’s captain Brendan Taylor looks like a breath of fresh air for cricket.
First he scored a well paced century. His strike rate was very low during the morning session, but at that time the game was in the balance as Zimbabwe needed to rebuild after losing quick wickets late on the evening of Day 3.
After he got his team through that sticky spell, he started to accelerate after lunch with – in hindsight – a declaration in mind, bringing up his century before tea.
Then during the tea interval the declaration came. No messing around batting the opposition right out of the game, Taylor set Bangladesh 375 in 4 sessions – maybe there is a captain or two around the world game who could well follow that example.
At one stage after tea with Tamim Iqbal in a one man hot pursuit, Bangladesh were actually the favourites to win at just under 2/1. An hour earlier while Zimbabwe where batting, they could be backed at 40/1. It was an amazing turnaround, here was a team chasing an unlikely 375 to win a test match into 2/1 favourites within an hour of the declaration.
Although at the back of mind I knew that the odds depended solely on the amount of time Iqbal could hang around for.
When the end came for Iqbal normality kicked in again and Zimbabwe regained favouritism, with the 2 further wickets that they picked up after that I would expect Zimbabwe to go on to victory tomorrow.
Whatever the outcome tomorrow this test has shown that Zimbabwe are at least going to be able to hold their own with the (so called) test minnows, the scoreboard suggests that they have been anything but out of their depth here – and who knows, they may have another Andy Flower or two waiting around the corner.