Is Betting on Cricket in India Legal?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been researching a combination of both legal sites, and cricket betting sites in India, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the question, is betting on cricket in India legal?

It’s just so hard to come to a definitive conclusion. Before I started I was of the opinion that betting on cricket in India is illegal, but there are plenty of contradictions of this view.

Before getting onto the specifics of betting on cricket in India, it is worth looking at the wider issue of betting in India in general.

Betting in India in general is a complicated issue, and one that appears to be regularly misreported in the UK. For example, in just about every TV or radio report I have ever seen or heard, it has been reported that there is a blanket ban on betting in India….. which is clearly wrong.

While it would appear totally out of the question that a mainstream UK bookmaker could turn up and open a shop on a main high street in Mumbai (if it was possible, it would surely have been done by now), it is possible to legally have a bet in India.

This can be done betting on horse races at trackside bookmakers, or pari-mutuel betting booths – both on and off course – which are managed by the Turf Authorities of India.

In addition to that, the Indian states of Goa and Sikkim are attempting to make betting in India more accessible by issuing gaming licences. Goa have recently awarded licences allowing on and off shore (cruise ships) Casinos to operate, mainly for the benefit of the tourist industry. While in the state of Sikkim, they have started to issue licences for online gambling sites, so far resulting in the creation of the PlayWin Lotto.

This shows that the usual mantra, that betting in India is illegal, is clearly wrong. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard the sweeping statement ‘that betting in India is illegal,’ and I believe that it’s this media generalisation of betting in India that has created the misconception that betting is illegal.

When it comes to the question of, is betting on cricket in India legal? Then the interpretation of the whole question of  ‘is betting in India legal’ takes on a whole new meaning.

If we work on an assumption that you can’t walk into the trackside bookmakers, or pari-mutuel betting booths, run by the Turf Authorities of India, and have a bet on the cricket, then that only really leaves you with the internet or underworld illegal bookmakers.

Working on the assumption (again), that the average well behaved Indian citizen doesn’t have – or wish to have – contact with such shifty characters as underworld bookmakers, then that only really leaves the internet.

So the question changes to, is opening an online bookmakers account in India illegal? Of all the reports on radio and TV I have heard and watched over many years now, that is never a question I have heard asked or addressed, we always get the sweeping statement that betting in India is illegal.

This is where I get really confused now, because if it is illegal to open an online betting account from an address within India, then why is it that a whole host of mainstream online bookmakers – household names like William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, etc – are happy to accept customers from within India?

In the past, when online gambling was outlawed in the USA, under George W Bush, the bookmakers quickly withdrew their products from America en mass. Also, all the online bookmakers on this cricket betting website have a list of countries and territories where they won’t accept accounts from. They include countries like Germany, France, Italy, North Korea, Iran, etc, but not India.

This suggests to me that the bookmakers do take their legal responsibilities seriously, otherwise why would they go to the bother of banning customers from all these other countries? This says to me that they have done their legal homework, and as a result, are happy to accept Indian customers.

I’m still not certain online betting in India is legal though, there is just so much contradictory theory to this.

One theory I have is that maybe they believe it is a grey area of law in India, open to being challenged. I recently read a piece on a legal website that general gambling (in India) is outlawed because it is not considered a skill.That surely leaves the interpretation of ‘is it a skill’ open to challenge, as an individual could surely argue that picking a winner is in fact a skill?

Again, working on the interpretation of the law theory, I recently read that there are no specific rules regulating online gambling in India (not sure how accurate this theory is), but if it is true, then surely that means the interpretation of the law needs confirming, but again, surely it could be open to legal challenge?

I’m fairly sure that the bookmakers have sought professional advice about the legal consequences, or any risks involved in taking bets from India. It could be that the legal advice has told the bookies that it is technically legal to accept customers from within India, or it could be that the advice told them that it is open to interpretation.

What I am fairly sure of, is that the bookmakers have been told it’s not illegal, I just don’t see them ignoring Indian law in such a manner.

Reading between the lines if it was me, I would say that if you want to play things ultimately safe, then you just don’t do it. You might be breaking the law, you might not.

Ultimately it is a question for the individual involved. If you live in India and want to open an online bookmakers account, you need to be aware of any potential consequences (if any), and take an informed decision of your own.

This article isn’t to say it is legal or illegal, it is merely just pointing out some of the contradictions involved with the issues of betting in India.

Ashes Betting, 4th Test, Day 2 Betting

Australia are certainly in the driving seat after yesterday’s odd display from England, and the online bookmakers now make the visitors the favourites.

The cricket betting odds for this match are now Australia 10/11 – England 11/8 – The Draw 11/2.

The draw price collapsed yesterday along with England’s batting. I still wouldn’t completely rule it out as the weather is a bit unpredictable, but from what we have seen of the majority of the batting so far in this series, it would be a brave call to predict we could get enough quality batting, or rain, to prevent a result here.

Yesterday I pretty much dismissed talk of Australia having all the momentum as over hyped rubbish. I’m standing by that – for the time being. Or to be more accurate, I’m standing by that until after Australia have batted on this wicket (in the hope they will also collapse).

Fair play to Nathan Lyons, with all the mixed signals he seems to get from the Aussie hierarchy it’s no wonder he looks about 15 years older than he is, but I was generally pleased for him yesterday.

He has had to endure getting dropped for the unknown Ashton Agar, and then put up with all the talk of Fawad Ahmed getting drafted in as some sort of super hero. A bloke who in is in his 30’s, and for some unknown reason – despite having not made it yet – is being lorded as some sort of spin bowling saviour of Australian cricket.

None of which can be too helpful for Nathan Lyon’s confidence.
As for England, I don’t quite get exactly what they were trying to do yesterday. I kind of got the morning session, get through a tricky spell of testing conditions and the new ball….. but after that???

After lunch it seemed to be all out attack one minute, followed by a spell of block, block, and more blocking, the next. The only consistent thing from lunch onwards, was the continuous fall of English wickets. Usually when England collapse, it’s done in a cavalier manner, yesterday was just odd and very confusing.

In all fairness Australia played well yesterday. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m saying the match situation is as it is because England were rubbish, as in the main, it’s down to the Aussies bowling well.

I’m not convinced Australia won’t also struggle on this wicket though. Conditions could be bowler friendly on Saturday, and England may well be able to bowl their way back into the match.

Alternatively, it could already be the case that England haven’t got enough runs to defend. The momentum may have already turned, and it could well be the case that I’m wrong again.

Ashes Betting – 2nd Test Betting Preview

Another potty couple days in the world of Australian cricket, and more adverse publicity for the Aussies in the build up to the 2nd Test match starting at Lord’s on Thursday 18th July.

The Mickey Arthur furore doesn’t seem to have had any major impact on the cricket betting odds with England favourites at 10/11 to win the 2nd Test. The fact that Mickey Arthur has stirred the pot by claiming that Michael Clarke doesn’t particularly get on with Shame Watson doesn’t seem to have sent Australia backers running to the hills in fear. 
And why would it? It was hardly a well kept secret that Watson and Clarke aren’t great buddies. So why would it cause panic in the betting ranks now? 
In Ashes Test Match Betting, the bookmakers price it up as England Evens, The Draw 11/5, Australia 3/1.
Australia have a colourful recent history of players not getting on well, or players and coaches not seeing eye to eye over issues. It hasn’t done them any real harm in the past, although the players involved were the likes of Shane Warne, and he was in a slightly different class to the current bunch.
Never the less, it would be very naive to think that the relationships within the camp haven’t had an effect on the team at times, a look at the Aussies recent tour of India would suggest it has. 
It’s the extent of the personality clash that is the main thing. Is it manageable? Or is it having an adverse effect on the team? The 1st Test suggested it isn’t having a negative effect, but that was before Mickey Arthur’s unhelpful contribution. 
While I don’t doubt that Arthur may have over cooked his story of the level of disharmony to further his own needs, the words he is alleging Clarke has used to describe Watson clearly aren’t helpful.
Another thought that I have had is the relationship between Clarke and Lehmann. If Clarke’s main source of disagreement with Watson is over where he bats, what will Clarke make of Lehmann’s decision to put Watson back up to open? It’s surely a slap in the face for Michael Clarke?
Anyway, enough of that, onto cricket trading. Four of the last five Test matches at Lord’s have had a positive result. The last draw was England V Sri Lanka back in 2011. 
Last year’s Test match with South Africa was played in similar conditions to this one, and I believe it probably would have been a draw had England not had to go for bust to try and salvage something from the series.

The earlier Test this year against New Zealand was played in very differing conditions. I’d imagine that most of the Test matches played at Lord’s over the last few years haven’t been played in as batsman friendly conditions as we are currently experiencing in England. 

My conclusion of that is that I expect the draw price to trade low in this Test match, but I’m not convinced that the match won’t be a draw. Then again, after the 1st innings batting of both sides in the 1st Test, surely anything is possible.
I expect the draw to come in from it’s current 3.50 over the next couple of days. But I couldn’t back it (for a trade) with any certainty, as it’s not impossible to envisage either side being all out on Day 1. If players bat properly, then I expect a slower paced Test match with the draw shortening, but as we seen at Trent Bridge, nothing is certain with these two teams.

England V New Zealand – Test Series Betting Preview

Although you could be forgiven for not noticing, the 1st Test match of the (so-called) English summer is almost upon us. Starting this Thursday, England resume battle with New Zealand, and the hosts will be looking for a somewhat better outcome than the one they got in the recent drawn Test series down in the Southern hemisphere.

In truth, England were lucky to escape with a draw in New Zealand, but on home soil it is widely expected to be a different outcome.

It is only a two Test series this time with the 1st Test played at Lord’s from 16th – 20th May, and the 2nd Test at Headingley from 24th – 28th May. These will be immediately followed by three ODI’s, and if New Zealand still have the will left to play any cricket, two T20’s at the end on June.

In the betting, the online bookmakers certainly all expect a comfortable England victory as they make the home side heavy odds on favourite for a series win, England are generally available at 1/3 to 2/5 to achieve this.

New Zealand on the other hand are far less fancied in the betting, for a series win they are available at between 9/1 and 12/1. While a drawn series is widely available at between 10/3 to 7/2.

On the playing side of things, England have to cope without the injured knee brace wearing Kevin Pietersen for the whole of the series. Pietersen is recovering from the knee injury he sustained in New Zealand, and is now also out of the Champions Trophy as well.

On the whole England should be able to get by without Pietersen, in his absence Alastair Cook is the 5/2 favourite to be the top English batsmen.

Apart from Pietersen, England are at full strength. Even Stuart Broad is claiming to finally be fully fit, lets wait and see there.

England’s batting looks a touch inexperienced without Pietersen, with Jonny Bairstow set to deputise. The batting line up now has Nick Compton, Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root in it, all players with limited Test match experience. Although Matt Prior coming in at 7, does counteract that.

New Zealand are starting to look more of a settled side (usually a good sign) these days. They are sticking with the bulk of the players that pushed England all the way in the last series earlier this year, and with Martin Guptill and Doug Bracewell pushing for recalls, competition for places seems really good in the Kiwi camp.

Guptill and Bracewell missed the England series due to injury (and not being able to force his way back in, in the case of Bracewell). All in all though, this is a good position for captain Brendon McCullum to find himself in.

As I already stated, the 1st Test starts on Thursday, and in the betting there has already been a big move on the draw – thanks to the great British weather. The draw on Betfair is currently trading at 2.56-2.58, having started out at around 3.5, and getting backed in to 2.26 earlier this week.

As is always the case when betting on cricket, always keep a close eye on the weather forecast for the dreaded rain. Rain generally plays a big part when betting on Test cricket in England, as there is quite often time taken out of a match due to it. It therefore effects the odds on the draw.

Although to counteract that, dark clouds and/or overcast conditions in England can lead to a large clattering of wickets, so beware backing the draw just on the basis of a weather forecast predicting rain!

Betting in the 1st Test again sees England as favourites, they are now at 1.86 on Betfair, and are around 8/11, 4/5 with the bookies. New Zealand are 8/1 and better with the bookies, and 13/1 on Betfair.

The draw is between 13/10 and 6/4 with the online bookmakers, while it is 2.56 on Betfair.

IPL Betting Preview

The 6th IPL starts on Wednesday and it promises to be yet another cricket betting bonanza with 76 matches to be played.

There is one new team this year with the arrival of the Sunrisers Hyderabad – who were admitted to the competition to replace the kicked out Deccan Chargers, a lot of the squad are the same players. They take their place alongside the other eight established sides, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils, Pune Warriors, Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals.

The Kolkata Knight Riders are the defending champions, winning their first ever IPL last year under the guidance of Gautam Gambhir. This year the Indian opening bat retains the captaincy and he has an impressive array of stars to choose from including Brendon McCullum, Jacques Kallis and Sunil Narine. In the IPL betting, they are 5/1, second favourites to defend their title.

Narine was second top wicket taker last season, I expect him to be in the mix to be one of the top bowlers again this season. He can currently be backed to be the Purple Cap (top wicket taker) winner at odds of 7/1 to 10/1.

The favourites in the outright IPL betting this year are Chennai Super Kings. They are captained by the best limited overs cricketer in the world (in my opinion), MS Dhoni. They are also coached by Stephen Fleming, widely regarded to be one of the best man managers in world cricket. This gives them a phenomenal leadership. A further glance through the team and I see the name of Michael Hussey, another top cricketer and all round good bloke to have in the dressing room. Chennai are another team who know how to get the job finished, they won the IPL in both 2010 and 2011.

The team who originally excited me the most was Delhi Daredevils. The problem is they have lost the services of both Kevin Pietersen and Jesse Ryder over the past couple of weeks, two brilliant limited overs batsmen. Their batting line up also boasts David Warner, Virender Sehwag and Mahela Jayawardene as well, imagine how exciting that batting line up could have been. The Daredevils are now out to 6/1 on the back of those two withdrawals.

The other main runners in the betting are the Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The Mumbai Indians are 11/2 and are led by Ricky Ponting. No shortage of experience in this side, Mumbai can call on the services of Dwayne Smith, Harbhajan Singh, Keiron Pollard, Lasith Malinga, Mitchell Johnson and the small matter of Sachin Tendulkar.

What a line up of talent that looks on paper. Mumbai’s best performance was in 2010, when they were runners up. They have certainly pulled together a potential title winning squad, and they have spared no expense either with the addition of Glenn Maxwell, the most expensive player in this years auction, coming in at a whopping 1 Million USD. Mumbai are 11/2 for their first ever IPL title.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore are the other side seen by the online bookmakers as having a serious chance of winning the title. They also have never won an IPL, their best efforts were getting to the final in 2009 and 2011. The bookmakers also make Bangalore an 11/2 chance. They are led by Virat Kohli and have the jewel in the IPL crown, Chris Gayle.

Off the other four teams, the online bookmakers have them as outsiders. So the best place to start in this round up is with the Rajasthan Royals.

Rajasthan were regarded as outsiders in the first ever IPL in 2008, and promptly won it under the leadership of Shane Warne. Despite playing in the Big Bash a few months back, there is no IPL return for Warne this year (he retired from IPL a couple of years back), he can now be found residing in Madam Tussauds. Rajasthan are again outsiders at best odds of 20/1.

Pune Warriors can be backed at 10/1. They have just lost Michael Clarke though (replaced by Aaron Finch), with his bad back (yes, we all know by now what he was carrying when he did it, haha).

Kings XI Punjab are another of the outsiders. In the outright winner IPL betting, they can be backed at 16/1. They are led by Adam Gilchrist, it’s great to see Gilchrist still playing, he is a true great and I really hope he has a good tournament.

And finally there is Sunrisers Hyderabad. They are led by Kumar Sangakkara. Hyderabad look to have more strength in the bowling department with Dale Steyn and Ishant Sharma (how did I ever get those two in the same sentence, sorry Dale) in the side. The Sunrisers can be backed at 16/1.

IPL Betting – Outright Winner

Chennai Super Kings – 4/1
Kolkata Knight Riders – 5/1
Mumbai Indians – 11/2
Royal Challengers Bangalore – 11/2
Delhi Daredevils – 6/1
Pune Warriors – 10/1
Kings XI Punjab – 16/1
Sunrisers Hyderabad – 16/1
Rajasthan Royals – 20/1

Onto the bowling and last year’s Purple Cap (top wicket taker) winner was Morne Morkel. He is currently the fifth favourite in that market to retain his crown. The favourite to be top wicket taker is Lasith Malinga (11/2), followed by Sunil Narine (8/1), Ravichandran Ashwin (12/1), Dale Steyn (14/1) and Morkel at 16/1.

According to the online bookmakers the Orange Cap (top run scorer) is a foregone conclusion. Chris Gayle is the overwhelming favourite at 7/2. Gayle hit a remarkable 59 sixes and 46 fours on his way to 733 runs last year. In 2011 he hit 44 sixes and 57 fours. His closest rivals in the betting are Virat Kohli at 18/1 and Gautam Gambhir at 20/1. You can pretty much name your price for most others.

Delhi Daredevils drift slightly in IPL Betting

The news that Kevin Pietersen is too miss the whole of the IPL has seen only a smallish drift in the odds for Delhi Daredevils to win the title.

Before Pietersen’s injury was announced, you could bet on the Daredevils at odds of between 4/1 and 5/1. Since the announcement of the injury, you can now get best odds of 11/2 on them winning the IPL for the first time – with some online bookmakers still offering the original 4/1.

This shows that the online betting markets clearly don’t see Pietersen as pivotal to the Daredevils chances of winning the IPL, and with talents such as David Warner, Jesse Ryder, Virender Sehwag and skipper Mehala Jarawardene in the side, why would they?

Obviously it is a big loss though, and it is all the more ironic that he now won’t hit a ball in the competition at all (this season) given the rumpus kicked up by Pietersen last year, in his wanting to play the whole of the series.

Looking further afield and with the Ashes looming, this is starting to be a bit of a worry for England fans. That’s Graeme Swann and Kevin Pietersen both out now, and although the prognosis is that they will both be back in time, we have heard that sort of thing before from the England medical staff.

In the Ashes Betting, England are still massive favourites at odds of between 2/5 and 4/9. Australia are in the main around 7/2 to 4/1 (although a couple of online bookmakers go as short as 3/1) and a drawn series is 5/1 to 11/2.

Best Betting Sites

Over the past few weeks I have had a long hard think about where I am going with my cricket betting or cricket trading. If I am serious about this and want to make money from it, I have to be more thorough and have a more professional attitude towards it.

This has led to me thinking a lot about what are the best betting sites to use for certain sports, like who is the best online bookmaker for cricket or football, etc.

Surely it is important to have the knowledge of who is the best bookmaker for this, or the best bookmaker for that? Who offers the most markets, who is the specialist in this particular field?

At the moment I generally use a betting exchange, Betfair, for my cricket betting. At the moment in a TV advert they say that in Premier League football they had the better prices in the match odds markets 178 times out of the 250 winning outcomes than Bet365 did.

There were similar winning ratios against other high street bookmakers. In all the surveys they listed, the high street bookmaker had the better prices in about 25%-30% of the winning outcome, than Betfair did.

In the past I had naively believed that Befair (or the betting exchanges in general) had the better odds nearly all of the time, because of the lack of a ‘bookies margin’ (usually 12% I believe). The advert just goes to show how wrong and ignorant I was.

With this in mind, I have now started looking into who are the best betting sites or bookmakers to place a bet on cricket online with. As I generally trade cricket these days, if I did decide to place a bet on a Test match with a bookmaker because their odds are better than Betfair’s are, then there is still nothing to stop me laying that bet on Betfair for a profit later on during the Test match.

It just means any potential winnings might end up in a different account to what they usually do. In short having the money in a bookmakers account is mainly an inconvenience, this shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle if I’m looking to maximise profits.

It’s like life in general, we would shop around for the best price, wouldn’t we? Or if we have any sense we should.

So why not do the same with my bookmakers? I don’t just have to use one online bookmaker or betting exchange all the time, I should shop around a bit and look for the bookmaker that offers the more variety and most importantly of all, the better prices.

A lot of online bookmaker accounts would also mean a lot of free bets, of which can be used for online betting on cricket.

Another benefit of having lots of different bookie accounts is because the bookmakers can sometimes put limits on your account, ie, maximum bet of £10.00 etc.

This only generally happens if you win a lot. If you’re one of those punters who continually loses and lines the bookmakers pockets, you probably won’t have this problem.

So if you do have a few different online bookmaker accounts, then you will probably be spreading your bets around more meaning there is less likelihood of one particular bookmaker singling you out and limiting your account.

In a way having an account limited is an achievement, an achievement that sadly I’ve never managed yet. At least if you do win a lot with a betting exchange you won’t have that problem.

So far I haven’t managed to establish which – if any – bookmaker is the best betting site for cricket. But I have now opened my eyes to the fact that – whether cricket betting or cricket trading – a bookmaker may offer a better starting price than a betting exchange, and with this in mind, I will now be searching around for the best price from now on.

I am aware of an online bookmaker called Cricket Bet Live, I personally haven’t used them yet, but I have read some positive remarks about them on Twitter.

Bonus Bagging Review

I came across Bonus Bagging late in 2011, I am usually a bit sceptical about paying for gambling services or systems but as this one only cost £27.00 and offered a 100% refund through Clickbank, I decided to give it a go.

The first thing that struck me about Bonus Bagging is that it is not a gambling system, it is more of a gambling service. I find it is informative and helpful, a reminder service, and basically something that does a lot of donkey work for me- allowing me to use my own time more productively.

Anyway, I’ll try not to bore people rigid with my review, I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet and to the relevant points, so here goes…..

What do I get with Bonus Bagging?

The main feature of the service (in my eyes anyway) is the Bookmakers list. Here you will find hundreds of pounds of free bets you can match up on a betting exchange (Betfair or Betdaq) to guarantee yourself a risk free profit.

To help you with this, you get access to Bonus Bagging‘s free bets calculator to assist you in what amounts of money you need to lay on the exchanges to maximize the return on hedging your free bets.

Most of the online bookmakers listed are household names, although there are one or two obscure ones. I don’t believe that Mike Cruickshank, the creator and owner of the service, would have any online bookmakers listed who’s credibility couldn’t be upheld.

You get a Reload service, where Bonus Bagging alerts you to bookmakers (whom you already have accounts with) offering free bets to existing customers. These are bets that you could miss out on if you don’t regularly check your bookmakers accounts or twitter, etc. Bonus Bagging’s reload service ensures this doesn’t happen as it acts as a reminder service for you.

You get information where to find free goes in Casinos and also information on how to cash out hundreds of pounds of casino sign up bonuses.

There is an in depth guide how to make money using Refund Offers, such as cash backs when a game ends 0-0, etc. There is a step by step guide showing you how to lock in a profit pre match.

And there is also an Odds Checker service which has software that hunts out arbitrages.

So is it worth the money?

£27.00 isn’t a lot of money when you put it up against other betting systems. But this isn’t a betting system – it’s a service.

By purchasing this service you are actually paying for something that you can do yourself. With this in mind you have to ask yourself why the hell would you buy this service?

You can hunt around for all these free bet offers, you can keep checking back through all your online bookmaker’s accounts every day for reload offers, you can sift through all the casinos for their offers and you can check through hundreds and thousands of markets every day for arbitrages.

To do all this, you are going to need to have a hell of a lot of spare time. If you have all this spare time, then fine, buying this service probably isn’t for you.

Personally, I haven’t got all this spare time, so from my point of view this service is a bargain at £27.00.

What you are paying for, is for someone to do all these things for you. You are effectively buying back your own time and purchasing the expertise in how to do it properly. £27.00 isn’t a massive amount of money for that and the best part is you should be able to get your money back with one transaction, I did.  
For me, Bonus Bagging paid for itself by alerting me to a reload £50.00 free bet offer from Bet365, whom I already had an account with (at the time). I got an email from the Bonus Bagging service a couple of days prior to the offer, me being the person I am didn’t check my emails until the morning of the offer, but it still gave me time (and explained how) to cash in the £50.00 free bet and earn (not win) myself a risk free £32.00.

As the ‘£50.00 free bet reload offer from Bet365’ example shows, it worked for me as a reminder service – and by the way, the Bet365 £50 Free Bet offer is a regular one, I’ve done 4 or 5 of these bets over the last 3 to 4 months with nice profits.

In Conclusion

I’m not going to say whether to buy this service, or not, that’s up to the individual. All I am doing is giving you the benefit of my experiences of using the service. As I pointed out above, you can do all this yourself with a bit of know how and a lot of spare time.

My own experience is that I haven’t got all that spare time, so the fact that Bonus Bagging effectively does all my work homework for me is the most valuable aspect of the service.

It has also helped me with the Casino offers – something I am no expert in, and it has served as a reminder service to me with regard to bookmaker reload offers, from that perspective it paid for itself with that one e-mail (Bet365, £50.00 reload offer) I referred to above.

And it is for those reasons that I wouldn’t be without this service. For more information or to purchase Bonus Bagging, please click here…….