Mike Parry V Stan Collymore on Twitter

There was an amazing spat between two old Talksport foes on Saturday evening/night, as the Twitter accounts of both Mike Parry and Stan Collymore went into overdrive in an extraordinary exchange of insults and views.

The immediate row seems to be an overspill from a clash in the Director’s Box at the Everton V Blackpool game on Saturday, Collymore claimed a drunk Parry abused him, while Parry has claimed Collymore called him out publicly, and left him with no option but to reply.

I follow them both on Twitter and from that I know that Parry has been goading Collymore for a few weeks now. I’ll nail my colours to the mast before I go on, I am not a massive fan of either man for various reasons, I am on no ones side here, this is just how I see things.

On Twitter, Collymore seems to get into quite a few rows, but from what I’ve seen they are usually in retaliation to people having a go at him. And yes, he can also be a bit spiky at times. It may be also be a bit more than just a coincidence that this always seems to happen to Stan, who knows? Form your own opinions there.

On the whole though, I find Collymore is constructive and doesn’t go out of his way to cause trouble, he doesn’t shy from an argument either though and I suppose it would be fair to say that he uses his Twitter account to retaliate to anyone who has upset him.

Whereas Parry seems to use Twitter to have a go at people or goad them. He did a similar thing with Robbie Savage some months back, when he seemed to be having a dig at him almost every day.

I noticed a similar theme developing between Parry and Collymore. A few weeks back I seen a tweet from Parry calling Collymore a disgusting individual who threatened to throw a young Talksport employee off a balcony of their hotel in South Africa while covering the world cup in 2010.

It seemed unprovoked, I didn’t see anything from Collymore towards Parry that prompted him to raise this issue. I have also never seen Collymore deny this claim, but I got the impression that Parry was trying to draw Collymore out into an argument back then.

If this claim is true – and I have no reason to doubt it isn’t – it doesn’t paint a great picture of Collymore, it only further serves peoples (already well established) views that he is bullying woman beater. But did Parry really need to come out with it though? It could be one of those ‘what goes on on tour, stays on tour’ scenarios.  

Either way, Parry continued with his attack on Collymore with further tweets about his chequered past. It seems obvious that Parry hates Collymore, but I got the impression that he was maybe trying to create a name for himself.

He seemed to be attempting to follow in the footsteps of his mate (whom he regularly brown noses on Twitter) Piers Morgan, who can often be seen just trying to pick a fight by insulting people, mainly Manchester United footballers.

People might think this is ok or amusing, but it seems to me a bit childish to just pick people out to attack them on Twitter just because you don’t like them or they have pissed you off in the past, some might well say it’s a form of cyber bullying.

Parry has regularly called Collymore a bully, but is what Parry’s doing also a form of bullying? Anyway that’s another debate.

According to Collymore’s tweets on Saturday, Parry was drunk and abusing him at the match, he claimed that it has been reported to officials at Goodison Park, so it will be interesting to see what (if anything) happens there.

I first noticed the tweets at about 6.30pm, I went out for a couple of hours and put Twitter back on at about 11.30pm after watching the boxing and the tweets were still flowing from Parry’s account then, it was unbelievable.

What had started out as a bit amusing and a bit of a laugh at about 6.30 had now become farcical. Both men seem to be entrenched with their opinions on each other, and neither look set to back down.

I’ve just looked and Parry is still having a go and it’s a full 28-30 hours after this latest spat started, Collymore has also tweeted that he has spoken to his solicitor and that Parry will need to substantiate some of his claims.

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What is Mike Parry doing now?

The sound of Mike Parry disappeared from the radio airwaves earlier this year when he quit Talksport apparently because of a contractual dispute. At the time it looked like Parry had been shifted aside to make room for Richard Keys and Andy Gray who arrived at the station just after Parry departed.

Parry claimed he quit two days before Keys and Gray were announced in his daily spot, at the time it seemed a bit of a coincidence, as the deal with Keys and Gray must have been concluded fairly quickly after Parry left. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

In my opinion Parry’s madness at the microphone has been missed, his ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ ideas like wing mirrors on race horses, man to run the 100 meters in less that a second, etc, etc were legendary.
Who else could come out with stuff like that and sound like he really believes in what he is saying?

Parry did make a brief radio appearance on 5 Live on their 606 phone in with Robbie Savage, it was never likely to be a long term relationship, Parry’s brand of crackpot broadcasting was never going to fit in with the BBC mandate.

So what is Mike Parry doing now?

Well, I’ve discovered the great man’s gibberings can now be found on Twitter @mikeparry8, where he is his usual crazy self. His tweets have been typical Parry, I’ve read him brown nosing Piers Morgan, trying to insult Henry Winter and also have an extraordinary exchange with Robbie Savage.

As is generally the case with Parry, you never know if he is deadly serious or just tongue in cheek. The exchanges with Robbie Savage only served to back that theory up more, Parry was coming out with some of his usual mad comments, resulting in Savage apparently having him blocked from contacting him.

He also appears to have branched out into after dinner speaking with his cohort Mike Graham, the two of them have a website promoting their double act, where they can be booked to turn up and add some ‘intelligence’ to proceedings. The two men now also produce a regular podcast.

All in all, I think Talksport is a worse place without him. He could do your head in some days with his mad views, but on the whole he was just a wind up merchant. After listening to him for a while, it soon became obvious that he was only trying to provoke a response.
Some of his prompts were so obvious it was unreal, and people still fell for them hook, line and sinker, he certainly knew how to string the listeners along.
Maybe one day Parry will return to the airwaves, until then, I guess we’ll have to make do with following his ramblings on Twitter.

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