Have South Africa even got two spinners?

“To have two spinners in South African conditions will be quality,” said Paul Harris ahead of the 1st test against Australia next week. 

I’m sure Imran Tahir is a decent fellow, but having himself put in the same ‘spin bowling’ bracket as Paul Harris by Paul Harris must be enough to make him want to do something violent and malicious, or maybe even switch sides again. 

This is like Geoff Boycott saying he is an opening batsman like Virender Sehwag, or like Carlton Cole calling himself a striker like Wayne Rooney, or Coventry City calling themselves a football club like, wait, no just calling themselves a football club.

Having said all that, JP Duminy is in the squad, so maybe Harris was on about him partnering Tahir…….  

Imran Tahir – It’s just not cricket

Congratulations to Imran Tahir on his match winning performance for South Africa today.

But I have to say that I am appauled by his presence in the South Africa team, it’s just not on.

As an Englishman, I am incandescent with rage at the sheer cheek of South Africa picking a Pakistani to play for them, how can this be?

At the ripe old age of nearly 32, how the hell are we supposed to poach him now?

After just going through a lenghty qualifying process to play for South Africa, he is hardly going to do the same at his age to come and play for England now, is he?

Assuming he turns out to be any good, we could have done with him. Especially with Samit Patel also letting us down. If South Africa continue to behave in this manner, they could destroy the England cricket team. We can’t continue to rely on just Ireland.

Mushtaq Ahmed, tonight you should be hanging your head in shame. ECB, an absolute disgrace. It’s not as if they didn’t have any pre warning of what South Africa’s intentions were, as they tried to pick him against us 13 months ago.

It’s not as if Tahir owes nothing to England either, because he does. He has played for Hampshire, Middlesex, Yorkshire and last year he played for that well known finishing school for quality England players, Warwickshire.

This is no way to pay us back for our investment in him.

If it wasn’t for English cricket he could still be languishing in the Pakistan International Airlines team, or maybe the Water and Power Development Authority first XI, or even worse, Staffordshire!

How dare he!!