What a Shame!

The sight of Fernando Alonso being consoled by members of his Ferrari team was deeply upsetting. I must admit to really not feeling sorry for the sulky, spoilt, bad losing Spaniard.

The manner in which Alonso conducts himself is a mystery to me. In the past he refused to condemn racist gestures towards Lewis Hamilton by his followers and his behaviour was a disgrace when he was Hamilton’s teammate at McLaren.

It’s with these issues in mind that I say I was delighted to see him and his Ferrari team cock up his chances of winning the world title today, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap!

It looked to me like Ferrari got more concerned with what everyone else was doing today and forget to concentrate on what they should have been doing, but never mind.

Also, if Alonso had won the title it would have reopened the team orders debate. Whatever the rights or wrongs of that issue is another matter, thankfully seeing Sebastian Vettel – who comes across as a decent chap – winning the world title means we don’t have to listen to that argument, although the FIA should either scrap the rule or impose it properly.

It has been a good year for Formula 1 in my view, going into todays final race with 4 drivers still in with a chance of winning the title shows just how competitive it has been.

For those of us who thought that Jenson Button was making a mistake joining McLaren, I suppose that the jury is still out. Button wasn’t embarrassed by Hamilton as a lot of people thought he might be, but he never really looked like pushing Lewis to hard either. It’s a shame that neither of them won the title, but hey, at least Alonso didn’t, so congratulations to Sebastian Vettel.