Cricket Betting Blog on Facebook

I have finally succumbed to the other social media scurge and created a Facebook Page to go along with my rarely used Twitter Page.

If I use Facebook as often as I do my Twitter account, then it is hard to know why I have bothered – but good intentions and all that, so lets see how it goes.

I’ve had a look around the facebook site and it has shown just what a social media dinosaur I am, I haven’t a bloody clue how to use it.

Anyway, first things first, and apparently I need 25 followers to get a username, including my misses I have only a pathetic 4 at the moment. I haven’t a clue what having the username entitles me to do, but getting one sounds pretty basic so I don’t want to fail there.

So come on Stani Army, Tracerbullet, BP and my 4 or 5 other followers (I think I might have), get your acts together and give me an honorary follow, at least get me into double figures.

Wisden breaks with tradition

No, not by naming just the four ‘Cricketers of the Year’ in it’s 2011 Almanack, but by having it’s own Facebook page.

What is going on? This is the sort of progress that will shorten the waiting list too get into the MCC.

Cricketing dinosaurs up and down the country will be dropping dead with heart attacks at the thought of this.

Wisden on Facebook, what next?