Australia 4/5 for another Whitewash

Only two more matches – or torture sessions as they could be known –  are now left for Alastair Cook to endure, and judging by his comments after losing the series in Sydney, they could be his last two matches as captain.

Such has been Australia’s dominance throughout the whole tour, that the 4/5 currently on offer for another Australian victory is not for them to win the 4th ODI, but to win final two ODIs, and complete another Whitewash of England (Australia are 4/5 to win the series 5-0 with William Hill).

I can’t remember a time when two supposedly evenly matched teams had such one sided odds, 4/5 is usually the sort of price you would get on a team winning one ODI, not two.

This tour has been a complete disaster for Alastair Cook, it really is hard to see how he comes back from this. This has more than likely finished him off as captain, maybe in both formats, and it could have also done untold damage to him as an international cricketer.

I have my views on the level of importance given to 50 Over cricket by England, and I will vent that on another day, but suffice to say that resting some of England’s better 50 Over cricketers probably hasn’t helped the cause.

I’m pretty sure they would have defended that total in the 2nd match had Stuart Broad been playing, as he should have been.

That’s all water under the bridge now, and despite Cook claiming the other night that he won’t leave anything out on the field over the last two matches, it’s hard to see what he has left to give.

Australia are resting Michael Clarke, Brad Haddin, David Warner and Shane Watson for the 4th match (resting players after a series is won, what a novel idea), and even taking that into consideration, they are still 4/9 favourites to win the match.

And before anybody reminds me that Mitchell Johnson was rested at the start of the series, I am aware of that. My point is England went too far after they rested Kevin Pietersen (probably dropped), Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson. Not a luxury you can afford after a Test thrashing, and already without Swann and Trott.

Pretty much sums up England from at least as far back as the squad selection (and beyond to be honest)…… mixed up thinking!

Anyway, the odds with William Hill (new customers get a £25.00 Free Bet) for Friday’s match from Perth are Australia 4/9, England 7/4.

Foe the series result, the odds are…..

Australia 3-2 is 8/1
Australia 4-1 is 11/8
Australia 5-0 is 4/5

Cricket Tipster

For any visitors coming to this site looking for cricket tips, I’d like to point you in the direction of Cricket Tipster, a cricket tipping subscription service I have recently stumbled across.

Personally, I don’t like giving out cricket tips, as in the long run I believe they can lead to trouble. A couple of losses, and you have people on your back, your tips are rubbish, you’re a fraudster, etc, etc……

It’s for these reasons why I tend to try and avoid tipping and just stick to giving a view on how I think things might pan out, ie, weather, form, pitch, or if a price looks value or not. That way I’m not giving a definitive view on what I think might happen, so therefore I can’t get hammered when I (usually) call things wrong.

Cricket Tipster is a subscription service that can be bought in many differing currencies. It is £37 + VAT, which equates to around 44 British Pounds, 55 Euros, 68 US Dollars, or 4,300 Indian Rupees, to name but a few currencies, Paypal is also accepted.

Cricket Tipster also comes with a 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you can effectively try it out free for a couple of months, and if you don’t like it, just get your money back.

This is what I usually look for when I am considering purchasing a betting system. If the systems owners/developers are willing to basically let you try it for free, then they are obviously confident that their product is good, and will stand up too scrutiny.

The man behind Cricket Tipster is Anth Raine. Anth is a former Ladbrokes betting shop manager, and as a result of this, Anth knows which markets generally don’t get the required attention from odds compliers, so he knows that mistakes happen in these particular markets.

Predicting Team A to beat Team B will most probably be priced up correctly. It’s the more obscure markets that the mistakes will happen in, and this is where Anth’s knowledge comes into play. A quick look at the screenshot below shows how Anth can spot a misaligned price in one of these such markets.

I’ve spent years following cricket betting, and I have to agree with this view that bookmakers can get these things wrong more often that they would like to admit too… not just with cricket as well.

Cricket Tipster claims the success of his system is down to the bookmakers inability to price up these cricket markets correctly, and I would believe that there is plenty of substance in that claim. And as a result, plenty of opportunity to profit.

So if you like the sound of this, and wish to try out the Cricket Tipster service, please click here….  PS, don’t forget there is a 60 day back money back guarantee, meaning you can effectively try the service free!