India V Australia, 3rd Test Betting, Sledging, and Mitchell Starc’s foot

The 3rd Test in what has been a very hard fought series between India and Australia starts in Ranchi on Thursday, and amid all the flak flying around, and the controversy over referrals, etc, it looks set to another enthralling spectacle.

The 2nd Test at Bengaluru a couple of weeks back was a topsy-turvy affair, with Australia managing to lose a low scoring game by 75 runs, despite having a 1st innings lead of 87 runs.

To further compound Aussie misery, they have lost both the Mitchells to injury, Marsh and Starc. The lose of Mitchell Marsh (shoulder) isn’t probably the biggest problem for Australia, as they have spinning all-rounder options to come into the side at No.6, and that ensures they can keep the balance of the team as it was.

The loss of Mitchell Starc with a stress fracture of the foot is a bigger blow though. Starc may not have pulled up many trees on this tour, but he is the spearhead of the Aussie attack. Not only will his loss to the attack be felt here, there is also the worry of longer term problems for the left arm quick.

Starc has already spent a lot of time out injured with foot and ankle problems over the last 2 to 3 years. So with the Champions Trophy and Ashes coming up over the next 10 months, the Aussie camp will be praying that it’s nothing more than a routine stress fracture, brought on by bowling on a dry hard pitch, rather than something more deep routed, that is maybe related to previous issues.

Most of the top Sports Betting Sites have India at 8/13 to win the 3rd Test, and take a 2-1 series lead. The draw is at around 9/2 to 5/1, with an Australia victory at around 3/1, with Betvictor sticking their necks out a bit, and offering 7/2.

A win here at Ranchi for the Aussies would see them retaining the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, as that would mean the worst the Aussies could do is draw the series, and as the current holders of the trophy, Steven Smith’s team would retain if the series is drawn.

There has been plenty of bickering between these two sides, and it will be interesting to see what kind of spirit the 3rd Test is played in. The two respective boards have held clear the air talks, and the match referee has got involved pre match, to try and ensure the match is played in the right spirit.

To see the Aussies moaning about sledging is slightly ironic, and as Ian Chappell himself said, when you dish it out, you have to be prepared to take it when it comes back your way, and he knows a thing or two about sledging.

“I also don’t think the Australians are in any position to start throwing stones. They’re no choirboys themselves. It’s ridiculous to allow that much chatter to occur on the field.”

Ian Chappell

Sachin’s Final Fling

There is a game of cricket actually due to be played in Mumbai tomorrow, but this Test match will obviously – and I suppose rightly – over shadowed by the the retirement of the Little Master.

Obviously the limited overs Indian teams have moved on without Sachin over the past few years. But having said that, Sachin probably could have named his date, time and format to choose to play his final match… so with this in mind, I’m very happy that Sachin has made his final international cricket match, a Test match.

Maybe it’s time the likes of the BCCI, WICB and SLC took note.

Not that it’s likely to get a mention in all the hullabaloo, but Shivnarine Chanderpaul will be playing in the small matter of his 150th Test match. A great West Indian who gets little accolade.

What a player he is also. For years he has carried this side, and when he started playing in 1994, he was playing with some of the West Indian greats in the final throws of their careers, and didn’t look out of place with them.

Formalities and moans over, so now on to the cricket.

In the cricket betting, India are the favourites at 4/9 to win the Test match. The Draw is 5/2, and West Indies are 8/1.

Even allowing for all the obvious distractions, India should still be too strong for the West Indian team (judging by the winning margin in the 1st Test). Having said that, Shane Shillingford (13/8 to be top West Indies bowler) showed some good form and troubled the Indian top order at Kolkata, so he shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Duncan Fletcher looks to have unearthed another Indian gem in Mohammed Shami. He will be looking to build on his impressive performance last week, when he took a remarkable 9 wickets on debut.

I’ve written it many a time on this website, and make no apologies for writing it again…. this team is now Duncan Fletcher’s, and he is building a very impressive outfit.

The weather looks okay, and the pitch is expected to last 5 days. The last Test match played here seen England win, and 19 wickets go to spinners Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar. Three centuries were scored and there was a couple of 60’s, but apart from that there was no real scores of any note. This suggests runs are possible, but only if you can play yourself in first.

Sachin is 5/1 to be top Indian batsman and go out in a blaze of glory.

India V Australia ODI Series – Live Betting

The top two ranked one day international sides go head to head in India in a series that could potentially see a change at the top of the ICC ODI rankings.

India lead the rankings, and Australia are second. A 5-2 series win for the Aussies would see them acquire enough ranking points to take over top spot again.

The series starts on 10th October with a Twenty20, followed by (just the) seven 50 Over internationals.

Australian skipper Michael Clarke is out injured, meaning George Bailey will again lead the team in his absence. It is probably a series Australia could do without, as they will surely be focusing more on the upcoming Ashes.

Not only do India have home advantage, they are also the current 50 Over World Champions, and recently added to their collection by winning the last ever Champions Trophy beating England earlier in the year.

Given all that it’s not surprising that India start the series as clear favourites.

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Full Fixtures

10th Oct – India V Australia – Only T20 – Rajkot

13th Oct – India V Australia – 1st ODI – Pune

16th Oct – India V Australia – 2nd ODI – Jaipur

19th Oct – India V Australia – 3rd ODI – Mohali

23rd Oct – India V Australia – 4th ODI – Ranchi

26th Oct – India V Australia – 5th ODI – Cuttack

30th Oct – India V Australia – 6th ODI – Nagpur

2nd Nov – India V Australia – 7th ODI – Bangalore

Is Betting on Cricket in India Legal?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been researching a combination of both legal sites, and cricket betting sites in India, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the question, is betting on cricket in India legal?

It’s just so hard to come to a definitive conclusion. Before I started I was of the opinion that betting on cricket in India is illegal, but there are plenty of contradictions of this view.

Before getting onto the specifics of betting on cricket in India, it is worth looking at the wider issue of betting in India in general.

Betting in India in general is a complicated issue, and one that appears to be regularly misreported in the UK. For example, in just about every TV or radio report I have ever seen or heard, it has been reported that there is a blanket ban on betting in India….. which is clearly wrong.

While it would appear totally out of the question that a mainstream UK bookmaker could turn up and open a shop on a main high street in Mumbai (if it was possible, it would surely have been done by now), it is possible to legally have a bet in India.

This can be done betting on horse races at trackside bookmakers, or pari-mutuel betting booths – both on and off course – which are managed by the Turf Authorities of India.

In addition to that, the Indian states of Goa and Sikkim are attempting to make betting in India more accessible by issuing gaming licences. Goa have recently awarded licences allowing on and off shore (cruise ships) Casinos to operate, mainly for the benefit of the tourist industry. While in the state of Sikkim, they have started to issue licences for online gambling sites, so far resulting in the creation of the PlayWin Lotto.

This shows that the usual mantra, that betting in India is illegal, is clearly wrong. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard the sweeping statement ‘that betting in India is illegal,’ and I believe that it’s this media generalisation of betting in India that has created the misconception that betting is illegal.

When it comes to the question of, is betting on cricket in India legal? Then the interpretation of the whole question of  ‘is betting in India legal’ takes on a whole new meaning.

If we work on an assumption that you can’t walk into the trackside bookmakers, or pari-mutuel betting booths, run by the Turf Authorities of India, and have a bet on the cricket, then that only really leaves you with the internet or underworld illegal bookmakers.

Working on the assumption (again), that the average well behaved Indian citizen doesn’t have – or wish to have – contact with such shifty characters as underworld bookmakers, then that only really leaves the internet.

So the question changes to, is opening an online bookmakers account in India illegal? Of all the reports on radio and TV I have heard and watched over many years now, that is never a question I have heard asked or addressed, we always get the sweeping statement that betting in India is illegal.

This is where I get really confused now, because if it is illegal to open an online betting account from an address within India, then why is it that a whole host of mainstream online bookmakers – household names like William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, etc – are happy to accept customers from within India?

In the past, when online gambling was outlawed in the USA, under George W Bush, the bookmakers quickly withdrew their products from America en mass. Also, all the online bookmakers on this cricket betting website have a list of countries and territories where they won’t accept accounts from. They include countries like Germany, France, Italy, North Korea, Iran, etc, but not India.

This suggests to me that the bookmakers do take their legal responsibilities seriously, otherwise why would they go to the bother of banning customers from all these other countries? This says to me that they have done their legal homework, and as a result, are happy to accept Indian customers.

I’m still not certain online betting in India is legal though, there is just so much contradictory theory to this.

One theory I have is that maybe they believe it is a grey area of law in India, open to being challenged. I recently read a piece on a legal website that general gambling (in India) is outlawed because it is not considered a skill.That surely leaves the interpretation of ‘is it a skill’ open to challenge, as an individual could surely argue that picking a winner is in fact a skill?

Again, working on the interpretation of the law theory, I recently read that there are no specific rules regulating online gambling in India (not sure how accurate this theory is), but if it is true, then surely that means the interpretation of the law needs confirming, but again, surely it could be open to legal challenge?

I’m fairly sure that the bookmakers have sought professional advice about the legal consequences, or any risks involved in taking bets from India. It could be that the legal advice has told the bookies that it is technically legal to accept customers from within India, or it could be that the advice told them that it is open to interpretation.

What I am fairly sure of, is that the bookmakers have been told it’s not illegal, I just don’t see them ignoring Indian law in such a manner.

Reading between the lines if it was me, I would say that if you want to play things ultimately safe, then you just don’t do it. You might be breaking the law, you might not.

Ultimately it is a question for the individual involved. If you live in India and want to open an online bookmakers account, you need to be aware of any potential consequences (if any), and take an informed decision of your own.

This article isn’t to say it is legal or illegal, it is merely just pointing out some of the contradictions involved with the issues of betting in India.

Depositing money to Bookmakers from India

Betting on cricket in India has its obstacles, and depositing to bookmakers is one such obstacle. If you live in India, then making a financial transaction with an online bookmaker using an Indian bank account or credit/debit card can be a tricky business to say the least, so finding an alternative method is all but essential.

The easiest way to deposit money to bookmakers from India is by opening an e-wallet account. The two main companies for opening e-wallets with, are Skrill and Neteller.

An e-wallet is very similar to a bank account. It basically acts as an alternative online bank account, where you can deposit money into it from your bank account, and then use that money to buy things securely from websites, or pay people in a peer-to-peer method (for example, you may wish to pay someone for some work they have done for you online). You can also receive payments in this manner.

Indian banks can be suspicious about transactions to bookmakers due to uncertainty about the gambling laws in India, so using an e-wallet removes this issue, as the banks have no reason to be suspicious about where the money is going, as you are simply depositing money into a peer-to-peer payment account.

The e-wallet also allows you to deposit money in Rupees, and then convert it into the currency you require to open your bookmakers account. Alternatively, if your bookmaker accepts Rupees, it makes depositing that bit easier, as it removes the direct ‘bank to bookmaker’ issue.

The process acts in reverse later on if you wish to withdraw winnings from your bookmakers account. You simply withdraw from the bookmakers to your e-wallet, and then transfer the money from the e-wallet back to your own bank account.

The best thing about this process is that all major online bookmakers accept both Skrill and Neteller.

Skrill is the company formally/also known as Moneybookers. They are a global brand who are well known in India, meaning Indian banks are happy to deal with them. The Skrill group is registered in London, UK, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meaning you can make your transactions securely.

You can set your Skrill account up using Rupees, and you can also link your bank account, and debit and/or credit cards to your Skrill account. You can open a Skrill account here…

Neteller are also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, again allowing consumers to make their financial transactions with confidence. Another global brand, Indian banks will also deal with Neteller.

A Neteller account can also be set up using Rupees, accepted deposit methods include bank accounts and credit cards. You can open a Neteller account here……

As both these companies are regulated to a high standard, money laundering is an issue taken very seriously. As a result of this, all new sign ups will have to get their accounts verified. While this is a relatively easy process, it is a pain in the backside, as it can take a few days.

Once that is out of the way though, you are off and running and can start depositing with any online bookmakers as and when you want to.

So to sum up… if you live in India and wish to deposit to an online bookmaker, you have to do the following.

– Open an (e-wallet) account with Skrill or Neteller.
– Verify yourself by completing the simple security checks.
– Deposit money into your e-wallet account from your Indian bank account, and/or from your credit and/or debit card.
– Deposit money from your e-wallet account, to your bookmaker account.

Celkon Mobile Cup Betting – The Final

After trading at odds on favourites earlier in the competition, West Indies don’t even make the final. This tournament has basically now turned on it’s head as India make a late charge and look to add another trophy to their ODI repertoire.

India are now the online bookmakers favourites, the betting odds for the final are India 8/15 – Sri Lanka 6/4.

The Indian comeback is quite remarkable really, a few days back they looked dead and buried in this competition. There is even a possibility that their inspirational leader MS Dhoni could be back today, according to reports he is touch and go to play.

Personally I think it may be in India’s interests to see how they play a big match without him, to see if they are over dependant on him or not – but that’s just my view.

The weather shows there is a possible shower in the air today, although conditions are expected to be better today after the recent rain interruptions (bare in mind all three of the matches so far in Port-of-Spain have been won by the team batting first and under the Duckworth/Lewis method).

Celkon Mobile Cup Betting – West Indies V India

Well, how do you recover from a beating like that in a few days? That’s the task facing India when they take on West Indies today in the next round of matches in the Celkon Mobile Cup.

India got absolutely thrashed off the park by Sri Lanka on Tuesday (they lost by 161 runs), and not only that, they seemed to totally contradict the conditions at Sabina Park by losing in such a convincing manner while batting second (through choice) – the previous two matches had seen the team batting first lose and struggle to score runs.

So if we take the conditions into consideration, it could be that this was an even bigger thrashing for India. Or, it could just be that the conditions had changed from the previous two matches.

The online bookmakers make a case for India today, and they are favourites for the victory. The odds are India 4/5 (1.80), and West Indies are Evens (2.00)

The competition has now moved to the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad, where it will remain until its completion. This means a different wicket and slightly different conditions.

A win for West Indies today sees them qualify, India are not definitely out if they lose, but they will need a favour from West Indies when the hosts take on Sri Lanka. An India win without a bonus point will still leave them struggling, and relying on Sri Lanka losing both their remaining games (one of which, is obviously against India).

The outright winner betting reflects this with West Indies at 5/6 favourites to win the competion. Sri Lanka follow at odds of 7/4, and India are the outsiders at a very low on value looking 9/2.

When betting on cricket, I always look for value. The 9/2 available on India winning the competition doesn’t look value to me.

For these odds you first need India getting through with probably two wins, while needing Sri Lanka to lose to West Indies. Or if Sri Lanka beat West Indies, India would need to get more bonus points than Sri Lanka. If they don’t and finish equal on both points, and bonus points, India would then need a better run rate.

Oh yes, and then you need them to win the final. Personally I would want 9/2 on India qualifying for the final, never mind winning it.

Champions Trophy Betting – India V Sri Lanka

Well, I think it’s safe to say I couldn’t have called yesterday’s game between England and South Africa much worse…. 300+ wicket on a pitch that should suit South Africa, two evenly matched sides, too close to call, etc…

In fairness to myself, it wasn’t a 175 all out wicket, the 9th wicket partnership of 95 for South Africa showed that, as well as Jonathan Trott’s batting. Also, I did mention that James Tredwell was an adequate replacement for Graeme Swann, so I at least did get something right (I think I may be clutching at straws here).

Briefly on the issue of Swann and Tredwell, you can’t drop Tredwell now in my opinion, so he has to play on Sunday if both are fit.

Today’s match between India and Sri Lanka seems destined to be rain effected, not as rain effected as predicted earlier in the week though. The Cardiff forecast seems much improved, and the doom and gloom predictions of a wash out seem to have now disappeared.

The bookmakers have India as strong favourites at 1/2, and Sri Lanka at 13/8. India have clearly been getting backed in, as they were 4/7 yesterday, and Sri Lanka were 11/8.

With the exception of the opening game between India and South Africa, Sophia Gardens has had low scoring games. The uncertainty of what to expect is deepened by virtue of the fact that a new wicket is being used today.

On the whole I would normally expect a lot of runs between these two sides, but it is expected to be a rain interrupted match today, so scoring might not be as high as expected. Add to that the new wicket, previous low scoring on this ground, etc, and it’s hard to know what to expect (after yesterdays high scoring prediction, I’m sitting firmly on the fence today).

Onto the outright winner betting, and England now find themselves as favourites again. The betting markets seem to have already made up their minds that it will be an England  V India final. I think India may well return to favourites should they make the final.

If you are betting on the Outright Winner Market, bear in mind that if today’s game is a ‘No Result,’ India qualify by virtue of the fact that they won their group.

Champions Trophy Betting

England 10/11
India 5/4
Sri Lanka 6/1