Cricket Tipster

For any visitors coming to this site looking for cricket tips, I’d like to point you in the direction of Cricket Tipster, a cricket tipping subscription service I have recently stumbled across.

Personally, I don’t like giving out cricket tips, as in the long run I believe they can lead to trouble. A couple of losses, and you have people on your back, your tips are rubbish, you’re a fraudster, etc, etc……

It’s for these reasons why I tend to try and avoid tipping and just stick to giving a view on how I think things might pan out, ie, weather, form, pitch, or if a price looks value or not. That way I’m not giving a definitive view on what I think might happen, so therefore I can’t get hammered when I (usually) call things wrong.

Cricket Tipster is a subscription service that can be bought in many differing currencies. It is £37 + VAT, which equates to around 44 British Pounds, 55 Euros, 68 US Dollars, or 4,300 Indian Rupees, to name but a few currencies, Paypal is also accepted.

Cricket Tipster also comes with a 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you can effectively try it out free for a couple of months, and if you don’t like it, just get your money back.

This is what I usually look for when I am considering purchasing a betting system. If the systems owners/developers are willing to basically let you try it for free, then they are obviously confident that their product is good, and will stand up too scrutiny.

The man behind Cricket Tipster is Anth Raine. Anth is a former Ladbrokes betting shop manager, and as a result of this, Anth knows which markets generally don’t get the required attention from odds compliers, so he knows that mistakes happen in these particular markets.

Predicting Team A to beat Team B will most probably be priced up correctly. It’s the more obscure markets that the mistakes will happen in, and this is where Anth’s knowledge comes into play. A quick look at the screenshot below shows how Anth can spot a misaligned price in one of these such markets.

I’ve spent years following cricket betting, and I have to agree with this view that bookmakers can get these things wrong more often that they would like to admit too… not just with cricket as well.

Cricket Tipster claims the success of his system is down to the bookmakers inability to price up these cricket markets correctly, and I would believe that there is plenty of substance in that claim. And as a result, plenty of opportunity to profit.

So if you like the sound of this, and wish to try out the Cricket Tipster service, please click here….  PS, don’t forget there is a 60 day back money back guarantee, meaning you can effectively try the service free!

Champions Trophy Betting – England V India

I’ve heard all last week that this is the final that everyone wanted, and organisers dreamed off. They’ve all got it now, so lets hope it’s a better game than the two semi-finals were, otherwise it could end up being a bit of a damp squib.

I’m not going to try to call this one, as I haven’t a clue. The odds for the Champions Trophy betting see India at 4/6, and England are 6/5.

On one hand India have looked imperious in this competition. They have only been under pressure the once, for a brief period in the opening game against South Africa, when AB de Villiers and Robin Peterson were seemingly coasting to India’s total of 331/4 in a 3rd wicket stand.

Once that partnership of 124 was broken, victory was reasonably comfortable. Since then, India have swatted West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka aside with ease. The wins have been so comfortable that the middle order has hardly had a bat since the opening day of the tournament.

Could that prove to be a problem for India today? Possibly, assuming England can get through to the middle order, that is.

On the other hand conditions at Edgbaston today should suit England. It is a damp, windy, miserable day, and there is rain in the air. England have by far the stronger seam attack, and if the conditions suit Jimmy Anderson and England bowl first, he could well exploit any morning moisture and make the new ball do plenty of talking.

England’s middle order haven’t really fired yet (apart from a couple of brief cameos from Ravi Bopara), and the form of Jos Buttler and Eoin Morgan has to be a worry for the England management. Assuming Graeme Swann is passed fit, I’m not sure who will play out of him and Tredwell (I’d go with Tredwell myself), and there is a decision to be made between Steven Finn and Tim Bresnan.

Bresnan’s batting might come into the thinking when making a decision, mainly down to the misfiring middle order.  

The toss will be vital with possible swing in the air early on. Rain is due later though, and the prospect of Duckworth/Lewis coming into play will also have to be taken into account when deciding whether to bat first or second.

I hope the rain doesn’t spoil it, as all in all it has been quite an entertaining tournament. It is widely expected that this will be the last ever ICC Champions Trophy, and if it is, at least it has had a good send off. Let’s hope we get a final to finish with.

Champions Trophy Betting – Australia V Sri Lanka

It’s great that at this stage of the tournament there is still six teams who are officially still in with a chance of lifting the Champions Trophy, although looking at the permutations just for Australia to qualify for the semi’s, I’d confidently say that there are only really five teams still with a realistic chance of being the last nation to lift the trophy.

And the Aussies are not even favourites to win the game outright today, never mind qualify. Sri Lanka are 8/11, Australia 11/10.

To qualify for the semi-finals, Australia will need to hammer Sri Lanka today. If batting first, Australia need to win by (approximately) more than 120 runs. If they bat second, it will obviously depend on what Sri Lanka get, but it is safe to say that the Aussies will have to knock whatever runs they are chasing off in far less than their allocated overs.

Sri Lanka just need to win, and if they do win they qualify at the expense of New Zealand. A wash out puts New Zealand through on net run rate. Or an Aussie win by a relatively smallish margin will see the Kiwi’s through.

The match is being played at the Oval. The new pitch used on Thursday by England and Sri Lanka provided plenty of runs, but today is expected to see plenty of cloud and patches of rain. So it could be a day for the bowlers (he says with little confidence).

Onto the outright winner betting, and with New Zealand waiting on today’s result to see if they are to further participate in the tournament, their cricket betting odds have drifted from 6/1 to 12/1. England meanwhile, have been cut from 5/1 to 9/4, following yesterday’s qualification for the semi-finals.

There is still a little chance Sri Lanka might top Group A, ahead of England. A reasonably large beating of Australia today would see Sri Lanka top the group. That would put England into a semi-final against India, and lead to England’s price drifting.

Australia are now out to 20/1, which looks very short to me considering their task today against Sri Lanka. I’d want 20/1 on them qualifying for the semi-finals, never mind winning the tournament.

Champions Trophy Betting

India 7/4
England 9/4
South Africa 11/4
Sri Lanka 7/1
New Zealand 12/1
Australia 20/1

Champions Trophy Betting – England V New Zealand

Not quite a straight knock out, as New Zealand would still have a chance to qualify if they lose today (they would need Australia to beat Sr Lanka, but not by enough to make their net run rate better than New Zealand’s) . England on the other hand, are out if they lose.

Rain is also likely to play apart in the outcome. In which case a wash out would see the Kiwi’s go through, and England relying on other results (again, an Aussie win against Sri Lanka, but this time not by enough to put them above England on net run rate).

The hosts start as favourites, England are 4/6, and New Zealand are 6/5.

For England Graeme Swann is injured, but Jonathan Trott is passed fit to play. The absence of Swann is not the disaster for England it would have been 18 months or so back, as James Tredwell has proved himself to be a more than adequate replacement.

Trott’s inclusion will no doubt upset his ODI knockers, but he is a major part of the English blueprint for playing at home (at the very least).

The Kiwi’s are without Tim Southee, which is a big blow for them, although he is yet to take a wicket for them in this tournament.

Previous results on this ground in the Champions Trophy don’t give any clues as to what sort of wicket it is, as they have seen high and low scoring matches. Along with the weather, expect another toss of the coin outcome.

In the outright Champions Trophy betting, Sri Lanka have been cut from 10/1 to 7/1 overnight without bowling a ball (or a match being played in their group). It appears cricket bettors have finally woken up and realised they have world class players, who can play in these (English) conditions.

Apart from that there is no real overall change in the outright winner betting. India are still favourites, they have been slightly cut from 7/4 to 13/8. While South Africa have been gently eased from 9/4 to 5/2.

Champions Trophy Betting

India 13/8
South Africa 5/2
England 5/1
New Zealand 6/1
Sri Lanka 7/1
Australia 16/1

Champions Trophy Betting – India V Pakistan

It’s a shame there isn’t a lot more riding on this game as there currently is with Pakistan already out of the tournament. The schedule was perfect, a Saturday fixture in the final group match for both these teams, with the potential for a winner takes all knock out.

Unfortunately that’s not the case as Pakistan have had a poor tournament and were the first team to be eliminated. That’s not to say that this game is irrelevant, as it obviously isn’t….. as when on earth is a fixture between these two teams ever irrelevant?

India go in to the fixture as 8/15 favourites, Pakistan are 6/4.

Not sure I’d be taking India at 8/15 when they have already qualified and may choose to rotate a couple of players. I think I would be wanting to know the Indian team first.

India may also have the bigger picture on their minds, as they have the chance to hold both ICC 50 Over Trophies. While for Pakistan, they will surely be right up for this game. Today’s fixture is effectively their final, and it would certainly make arriving back home next week a lot more comfortable if they can defeat India here today.

The match is being played at Edgbaston, and the conditions will be typically British with plenty of wind, and some rain expected. I’m not expecting this to be conducive to high scoring, and Pakistan’s form with the bat doesn’t suggest they are likely to contradict that opinion.

Outright Winner Champions Trophy Betting

West Indies are now out after their remarkable tie with South Africa yesterday. The Proteas now find themselves into 9/4 second favourites in the betting to lift the trophy.

It was an amazing finish to what turned out to be a remarkable game. I’d imagine that West Indies are kicking themselves this morning.

Could this turn out to be the catalyst that South Africa need to finally win a major tournament? On the whole, they have a side that looks more than capable. It’s just winning that initial tournament in the first place to get them going.

Outright Winner Champions Trophy Betting

India 7/4
South Africa 9/4
England 5/1
New Zealand 6/1
Sri Lanka 10/1
Australia 16/1

New Zealand V England – 2nd Test Betting

With just Day 5 and plenty of potential rain left to come, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say this has been an up and down, topsy turvy, weather influenced event, from a cricket betting perspective.

Even now with less than an hour to go until Day 5 gets under way the betting exchange market is going crazy. In the last couple of hours alone I’ve seen England trading at 1.92-1.95, and 10 minutes later the draw is trading at 1.88-1.90, while the mainstream PayPal bookmakers have England at 8/11 and the draw at 11/10 (name your price on New Zealand).

For anyone reading this thinking why don’t you trade it then? The answer is I have done a couple of times, but that’s it for the time being, unless I see something I think to be way out of kilter. It’s just madness, as the market is all over the place. Trading a market like this at the moment, is more akin to playing Roulette.

The way I traded it this morning was to lay the draw at just under odds on first, and then lay England after, for a couple of ticks profit.

The reason I did it this way is because the market fundamentally sees an England win, and is just waiting for some good news on the weather front. Therefore the only price crash I could see coming was England getting backed in, if the weather forecast looked improved. And as I placed my draw lay first, that wouldn’t have bothered me.

Bear in mind this was two to three hours before the scheduled start of play, so there was never any real possibility of the draw price crashing. And I was always aware that the weather forecast for later in the day looks a lot better than it did this time yesterday.

This would have enabled me too sit on my draw lay (if the price had crashed), and hope/expect it to drift again as the weather cleared up later in the day (as it is expected to do so). That would be a risk, but it would have been a calculated risk.

Basically, I get the impression that the market this morning was fluctuating between two schools of thought/punters. Those betting on the current weather, and those betting on what they believe the weather will do later in the day.

Anyway, it’s just too unpredictable at the moment, we’re basically betting on the English weather, so I think I’m going to leave it alone now.

Latest Cricket Betting

I’ve been busy doing plenty of online cricket betting over the past couple of weeks with all of the Test matches currently in progress.

I had a good win on the 3rd Test between India and Australia. A smallish win on the 2nd Test between New Zealand and England. And a proper small win on Sri Lanka beating Bangladesh earlier this week (2nd Test).

With Australia, I could see they were struggling at the start of their 2nd innings in the final session of the day. It looked like the market expected a wicket though, as the India price wasn’t drifting much.

With the game reduced to a 4 day match, it generally didn’t take much for the Draw odds to start shortening, so I was wary about getting stuck in the trade if a wicket didn’t fall.

All in all though, it seemed like a fairly risk free trade. So I backed India and sure enough Australia lost a wicket a few minutes later. A second wicket fell fairly shortly afterwards so I traded out as they still had Michael Clarke (although injured) to come, and – as I already mentioned – the ‘Draw Factor’ was an issue due to a shortened match.

I managed to get a nice £40 green on India, and I left a moderate green of £13 on the Draw – just in case the Aussies pulled off a miracle.  

In the New Zealand V England match I managed to get over £50.00 green on England after Day 2. After that I took the dodgy looking weather forecast into consideration and I just done a few quick in and out trades on the Draw and managed to trade my way to around £13.00 green on it.

I traded the Sri Lanka match during tea on Day 3. I just put £150.00 bet up at 1.86 and a £150.00 lay up at 1.85. I won just over a £1.00 after commission and greening up. Not a big win I know!! But after a couple of decent wins in the two Tests referred too above, I didn’t want to be reckless and throw all those winnings away within a few hours.

After tea I sat there when Bangladesh were 2 down in their second innings looking at the the Sri Lanka price and couldn’t help thinking the 1.80 they were trading at looked good value.

I dithered and talked myself out of it, as Bangladesh had been quite competitive with the bat up until then in this series.

I checked back 10-20 minutes later to see Bangladesh 4 down and the Sri Lanka price in to around 1.22. I was well gutted, but I think there was just about enough doubt for me not to get involved. As I already stated , Bangladesh had been competitive with the bat, and Sri Lanka does have a reputation for producing some flat bed wickets. So with all this in mind I left it.

Although I missed out on a nice win, I did show some good discipline. I think sometimes taking the more cautious route doesn’t do anybody any harm. Ok, so I missed out on a nice win, but I know for a fact that if I had been a bit more cautious in the past, I wouldn’t have lost as often as I have.

I’m now starting to believe that this is the best way forward. Not losing is just as important (if not more important) than winning. If this attitude to cricket betting costs me the occasional win, then so be it.

I think it would be interesting if I was to start making records of bets I consider, but don’t actually place. Bets that I think are border line risky, and seeing where I would have ended up if I put the bet on. It could be interesting to see how often I might have lost, as opposed to win.

I know it sounds a bit daft to be keeping a list of bets I didn’t place, but in reality it could be a good move.