Come On Andy Murray

As I will be at Cheltenham Races all day on Saturday, I am going early with my post about Andy Murray getting to Sunday’s Australian Open final.

I am and always have been a Murray fan, I’m not one of these people that hates him because he had banter and said he supported Paraguay when they played England in 2006, that was lazy journalism at its worst.

Murray had given up his time to promote tennis in the community with Tim Henman and a stupid lazy journo from the Daily Mirror decided to run a story that Murray hated England because he had some banter with Tim Henman about the football world cup. An absolute joke.

Enough about that, Murray didn’t play his best game against Ferrer today and could easily have lost. He will almost certainly have to up it, to beat Novak Djokovic on Sunday.

I find that Murray loses concentration during matches and his level of intensity can drop off, as it did today. He also showed nerves today, as he did at this stage 12 months ago.

If he can get it all together on Sunday, he has a chance. Personally, I think if Djokovic plays like he did against Federer, then he should win comfortably.

But this is where Murray has his chance, Djokovic is no Federer or Nadal when it comes to closing the deal. Yes he has a grand slam title, but thats a few years back now. Nerves are more likely to affect him, than they are the other 2.

So if Murray can bring his A game with him on Sunday and put pressure on the Serb from the off, then who knows. I justy hope I’m in a fit state to get up and watch.

Tomas Berdych Quote

Heard a great quote from Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych on Wednesday.

When asked if the round-robin format at the ATP World Tour Finals encouraged players to be more negative he replied with, “We are tennis players. We want to win every match. We’re not going to be like Italian football players just waiting for a 0-0 and defending all the time.”

I’m glad to know it’s not just me who thinks that Italian football is the most boring, negative, depressing, tedious, uninspiring, pile of shit going.

Where defenders get away with murder and gamesmanship is pushed too and well beyond the limit. It is total anti-football and would put anybody off watching the game.

We have even had it imported into the Premiership this year by Roberto Mancini, in particular the game between his Man City side and Chelsea earlier this season was total typical Italian dross.

I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest.

Back to tennis and what is going on with Andy Murray at the moment? He was brilliant in his first game against Robin Soderling and then like played like Italian football against Roger Federer.

The two games could basically sum up his year.

He has brilliantly won two Master Series’ in Toronto and Shanghai recently, but has been equally as awful in other tournaments during this same period of the season.

Boris Becker recently said that Murray is no nearer to winning a slam than he was this time last year, the only disagreement I would have with that is to say that he is actually further away.

Murray needs to get his act together during the close season, he also needs to find some consistency, this year has seen him go backwards in my opinion. He has no coach and it would appear no real direction at the moment.

The Australian Open is less that 2 months away and it is hard to see Murray being a candidate at the moment. I hope he spends the close season getting himself a decent coach and getting himself sorted, it would be a shame to see him just become a tennis journeymen after showing such promise earlier in his career.