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Bookmakers Who Accept Rupees

It is fairly common knowledge that due to legal reasons betting on Cricket in India isn’t the easier leisure activity in the world. To have any idea of just how awkward cricket betting in India is, try finding an online bookmaker who will accept Indian Rupees – it isn’t easy, I promise you.

Depositing money to a bookmaker from within India is difficult, there are some 20 online bookmakers listed on this site, and finding one that accepts Rupees is practically impossible.

The best way to by-pass this is too use an e-wallet, thus way you can deposit in Rupees and open an account in one of the bookmakers favoured currencies, ie, Euros, US Dollars, or GP Pounds, etc. Using this method it is possible to open an account with any online bookmaker. It might cost you slightly more though, as to do it this way will mean getting money exchanged

The main companies that offer e-wallet services are Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Bookmakers will accept customers opening accounts via one of these e-wallets, and by using them it is far easier to exchange money into your required currency.

For example, you can deposit Rupees into your e-wallet, and then within your e-wallet you exchange your Rupees into another currency, Euros, GB Pounds Sterling, etc. Once you have done that, you simply deposit into the bookmakers account using one of the accepted currencies.

As most of the mainstream bookmakers operate in the UK market place, they pretty much all trade in UK Pounds Sterling. So this means it’s a safe bet converting your Rupees to UK Pounds Sterling within your e-wallet. This should then see you accepted by most UK based bookmakers, opening the door to the whole of the UK cricket betting market place.

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