Bonus Bagging

Let’s get the main thing about Bonus Bagging out of the way first, it costs £27.00, not a lot in my view when you put it up against other betting systems and services. This brings me nicely onto my next point, and that is that I believe that this is a service, not a system.

The Bookmakers list is where I started, here there is hundreds of pounds of free bets you can match up on a betting exchange (Betfair or Betdaq) to make yourself some free easy money.

There is a betting calculator to help you work out how much you need to back and lay to guarantee a profit.There is also a Reload service, where Bonus Bagging alerts you to additional free bets (to the sign up offers). There is advice on how to cash out Casino sign up bonuses and also where to find free goes in Casinos.

There is software that hunts out arbs. There is a guide on how to make money using Refund Offers, such as cash backs when a game ends 0-0, etc. The 0-0 refund is an offer I know that Bet365 did on all major football matches last season, and is easy money. I’m sure that there are other mainstream bookies that also offer this refund.

I’m not going to bullshit here (sorry to be blunt), in my view Bonus Bagging isn’t going to lead to early retirement. The profits you can make from this will vary dependant on the amount of work you put in yourself. I’d also like to add that a high level of self discipline is also required, if you are just going to gamble with the money, then you probably won’t make much, if anything.

The owner of Bonus Bagging, Mike Cruickshank claims on the home page of the service that you can earn £500.00 a month, although I’ve not achieved that yet, I believe it could be possible with a lot of dedication.

In my experience of using it, it can be used as a decent second income or to pay for a nice holiday every year, but it certainly isn’t going to book you a seat on one of Richard Branson’s upcoming space flights, but what gambling system or service will? 

In my opinion anyone who advertises a gambling system or service as an instant retirement plan, or a way of buying a mansion in the countryside within 12 months, etc, is being economical with the truth, to put it mildly!

But is it worth £27.00? In my view, yes it is, but that is because I get good value for money out of it. But then it’s not hard to get value for money from something that only costs £27.00, is it?

Bonus Bagging actually offers you far more than just free bets. To be honest, the free bets aren’t too hard to find yourself. The reason why I like this service is for the other things it gives me, the Casino advice – something I’m not too hot on, the Arbing software that finds free money, the reminder emails I get every time there is a reload offer, etc.

I genuinely don’t believe that I have really implemented the full benefits of Bonus Bagging just yet. Maybe as I up my use, I will find that I can earn £500.00 a month, I certainly hope I can. As I use it more and more I will blog accordingly about my experiences.

Here is the link if you wish to read my full in depth Bonus Bagging Review 

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