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Will Fletcher finally wield the axe in Adelaide?

There will be at least one enforced change for India in the 4th test with MS Dhoni (probably gladly) suspended, but will Duncan Fletcher show a real signal of intent and drop one of the old guard and start rebuilding now?

One of Dravid or VVS could/should go. They’ve both been great players, but they are the two you would have expected to dig in a bit more during this series and make things a lot harder for Australia. Instead, when these two have gone, the whole team has collapsed around them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not blaming just those two, but they are two of the rocks that this test side is built around, but they haven’t resisted enough lately, they are both getting on now and are most definitely not the future for India.

Dare I also mention Sachin Tendulkar’s name in all this without being bombarded with complaints? The great man surely has to be close to the end of his test career also, when did he last play a defining test innings for India?

It sure will be interesting to see the India team that takes to the field in Adelaide.

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