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Who’s House will be getting stoned tomorrow night?

The losing captain of Wednesdays game between India and Pakistan will have all the usual fun to deal with in the aftermath of his teams defeat.

The crowds outside stoning their house, the burning effigy scenes being repeated all over the country, having to go into hiding for a few weeks, all the usual stuff associated with losing a game against your biggest rival.

No disrespect meant to Dhoni or Afridi, but I can’t wait.

India’s stronger batting against Pakistan’s stronger bowling, that’s where the two team’s strengths clearly lie. So it could be how the Indian bowling and Pakistani batting performs, which is the key to the outcome of this match.

I will be very disappointed if Shoaib Akhtar doesn’t play, I can’t begin to imagine the noise of the crowd at the sight of him coming in to bowl against Sachin and Sehwag, it will be unbelievable.

I don’t know why, but I have a sneaky feeling for Pakistan. If Akhtar does play, can you imagine how pumped up he will be? I can see a performance from him and that’s probably what is making me think, Pakistan.

Another twist to the outcome is Sachin, it would be a travesty if he was to end his career not having won the world cup.

Ultimately I hope cricket is the winner tomorrow. I’m glad to see that the Pakistan Prime Minister has accepted the invitation of his Indian counterpart to attend the match, I don’t normally like seeing sport mixed in with politics or religion, but on this occasion I don’t mind and I hope it can lead to a postitive outcome, and some much needed progress can be made between the two.

India start ss favourites at a best price of 4/7 with most bookmakers, Pakistan are a best price of 6/4 with Sportingbet and 11/8 with most of the other firms.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I’m so psyched for this game already…it starts at 5am for me, and I have decided not to sleep, so that I don’t miss the action from ball one!

  2. Fair play mate, I’m gutted as I’m working, but I’ll be listening to every ball on the radio and watching the highlights when I get home.

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