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What’s Up with Billy Bowden?

What an exciting end it was to the 1st test between India and Australia in Mohali on Tuesday morning, it was just the sort of game test cricket needed after all the crap from the recent Pakistan tour of England.

With Australia now unable to win the test series it shows just how stupid these 2 match series really are. I realize that schedules are tight these days, but ICC really should put some kind of ruling in place to ensure that there is a minimum of 3 tests in a competitive series such as this one.

We are used to hearing in cricket that one bad session can cost you a test match. But in a 2 match duel, one bad session can cost you the whole series.

On the pitch and it was great to see just how much passion VVS Laxman showed as he fought to get his team over the line. I thought it was a rare sight in todays game to see someone show so much hunger for the cause. He clearly believes in playing for his country.

The way he berated his runner and the number 11, Pragyan Ojha for their shoddy running between the wickets made for funny viewing, especially when he started waving his bat towards Ojha in a threatening fashion.

He showed remarkable commitment to get the job done and was a refreshing sight who it is hard to see throwing his wicket away for a few pieces of Gold.

The most relieved man at the end of the game was probably umpire, Ian Gould. His desicion to wrongly give out Ishant Sharma, LBW could have decided the outcome of the game in Australia’s favour. He was though, later reprieved by his colleague at the other end.

In what was the biggest shock of the whole episode for me, the understated Billy Bowden passed up the opportunity to once again make himself the centre of attention by raising his ridiculously constructed hook finger to decide the outcome of the match.

Described once as nothing more than a “show pony” on Test Match Special (I’ll leave you to decide who said it), Bowden refused a clear LBW appeal to give the Aussies victory when Mitchell Johnson trapped Ojha right in front with a ball pitching in line.

It was most un-Billy like. Just what must he have been thinking?

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Great test match but the umpiring was poor as both seemed to have forgotten even the basics of the game. It looks like Billy thinks too much about umpiring and in the end gives poor decisions.

  2. Thanks for the comment about this on my blog, Dean.

    Billy obviously thought he’d hit the ball. Otherwise I don’t see how he could fail to give it out. The fact that he signalled four runs after the overthrow is further confirmation of this.

    I’ve got no idea whether Ojha hit it or not – there wasn’t a good enough replay and no hotspot, although my impression watching it again on the highlights was that the contact did sound a bit woody.

  3. I think you’re right Brian, on reflection there is no other reason why he couldn’t have given it.

    I suppose he would have had to be certain there was no bat involved to have given it out and he obviously wasn’t. Although I do believe it was out.

    Greyblazer, there has been a lot of average umpiring performances lately. I thought Tony Hill did ok this summer, although he also got the odd decision wrong.

    Put it this way, he looked good compared to Bowden and Asoka de Silva.

    These days unless Simon Taufel or Aleem Dar are umpiring, I am always expecting a mistake.

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