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What now for Kevin O’Brien?

After his world cup record breaking innings on Wednesday, what is now in store for the younger of the two O’Brien brothers?

Kevin has now stepped out of the shadow of his older and more successful brother Niall, like Liam Gallagher did with Noel a couple of years back. He no longer needs him, just like Liam doesn’t Noel.

So where can Kevin go now?

Maybe another stint in county cricket? He had a fairly average time with Nottinghamshire a couple of years ago, but with self belief restored he could probably be a big hit in England this time around.

What chance an IPL contract? Obviously this years auctions are finished, a year is a long time for the franchises to forget about him. I’m not 100% sure if short term contracts are allowed during the 2011 season due to injuries, if they are it could be a way in for him.

Run for Taoiseach? Too late, the election was a couple of weeks back.

Appear on the Late Late Show? A great possibility.

Come and play for England? I can already hear the media and marketing men telling Giles Clarke to go and get him, here is the ‘new Freddie,’ imagine how much we could make from him!

Crash and burn throughout the rest of the competition? A possibility, although I hope not.

If he is to carry on in the same vein he is 50/1 with Stan James to be top run scorer at the world cup. He already has one record, why not another?

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