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What is Mike Parry doing now?

The sound of Mike Parry disappeared from the radio airwaves earlier this year when he quit Talksport apparently because of a contractual dispute. At the time it looked like Parry had been shifted aside to make room for Richard Keys and Andy Gray who arrived at the station just after Parry departed.

Parry claimed he quit two days before Keys and Gray were announced in his daily spot, at the time it seemed a bit of a coincidence, as the deal with Keys and Gray must have been concluded fairly quickly after Parry left. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

In my opinion Parry’s madness at the microphone has been missed, his ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ ideas like wing mirrors on race horses, man to run the 100 meters in less that a second, etc, etc were legendary.
Who else could come out with stuff like that and sound like he really believes in what he is saying?
Parry did make a brief radio appearance on 5 Live on their 606 phone in with Robbie Savage, it was never likely to be a long term relationship, Parry’s brand of crackpot broadcasting was never going to fit in with the BBC mandate.

So what is Mike Parry doing now?

Well, I’ve discovered the great man’s gibberings can now be found on Twitter @mikeparry8, where he is his usual crazy self. His tweets have been typical Parry, I’ve read him brown nosing Piers Morgan, trying to insult Henry Winter and also have an extraordinary exchange with Robbie Savage.

As is generally the case with Parry, you never know if he is deadly serious or just tongue in cheek. The exchanges with Robbie Savage only served to back that theory up more, Parry was coming out with some of his usual mad comments, resulting in Savage apparently having him blocked from contacting him.

He also appears to have branched out into after dinner speaking with his cohort Mike Graham, the two of them have a website promoting their double act, where they can be booked to turn up and add some ‘intelligence’ to proceedings. The two men now also produce a regular podcast.

All in all, I think Talksport is a worse place without him. He could do your head in some days with his mad views, but on the whole he was just a wind up merchant. After listening to him for a while, it soon became obvious that he was only trying to provoke a response.
Some of his prompts were so obvious it was unreal, and people still fell for them hook, line and sinker, he certainly knew how to string the listeners along.
Maybe one day Parry will return to the airwaves, until then, I guess we’ll have to make do with following his ramblings on Twitter.

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  1. Anonymous

    Totally agree, the first time i ever tuned into Talksport all i could hear were the ramblings of a madman (Parry) ranting on about sewing (i think) with Andy Townsend. But after a few more listens to the show i realised the guy was top quality entertainment, and Talksport hasn’t been the same since he left…..

  2. Anonymous

    The only people worth listening to on talk Sport these days are Alan Brazil and Ian Collins. Mike Parry was great fun to listen to. Keys and Gray are dull, dull ,dull.

  3. Anonymous

    I hear that Porky will be returning- this time on TV with a new channel called Sports Tonight Live. can’t wait- bring on The Porkmeister!

  4. That’s right, I’ve just been looking at his twitter feed and it says that he is starting at 9pm on Monday 29th Sep.

  5. Anonymous

    He was great fun, which is more than can be said for his replacements. Boring would be the word.

  6. Anonymous

    how boring talksport is now mike parry has gone, keys and grey arnt radio broardcasters, so boring, laughing at each other like kids, mike parry was fantastic and irreplacable, come back somewhere soon mike ur brilliant

  7. Anonymous

    Keys and Gray were lucky to be around when Sky kicked off! They are hopeless on Talksport – although they do get some quality guests on their show, they continuosly brown nose them. Keys comes across very arogant and the guests cant sometimes get a word in as he buts in and licks up to them. Things are that bad between 10am and 1pm on weekdays now – i’d rather be in the office!!!?? Mike Parry was a brilliant presenter for the station and is a massive miss on the station (and clips of the week in particular)!

  8. Anonymous

    Jon Gaunt and Mike Parry hugely missed. Keys and Gray are not worth a listen, in fact I dont listen now apart from H and J who are great. Only Ian Collins can fill Mike Dickin’s shoes after he sadly passed away and Gaunty subsequently sacked.

  9. Anonymous

    I wonder if our comments feed through to the powers that be at Talk Sport .It would be interesting to hear or see the listening ratings before and after Parry and Graham left .
    Please bring them back ,for the travelling salesman ,this was the only highlight of the working day I and I,ll guess thousands of other listeners had . ps Can anyone suggest a radio station / programme to listen to during the day that is mildly interesting and funny because I can,t find anything
    Ta pw

  10. Anonymous

    since PORKY lefy talksport only h&j and adrian duram are worth tuning in for.I can’t believe we have to put up with amateur boring idiots such as micky quinn and jason cundy when a true legend is no longer on air

  11. Anonymous

    Keys and gray Will jack it in soon. Guaranteed. Then the bosses will have to ask him back. Not with mike graham they are to nasty to each other.

  12. Anonymous

    MIke Parry made talkSPORT. In the early days the Breakfast show with Alan Brazil was sheer genius. Brilliant radio. Ronnie Irani
    is amateurish by comparison and is being carried. Bring back Parry to National Radio and mself and thousands of others will be well pleased. Especially as we drive the Motorways of Britain.

  13. Hallelujah, finally a group of people who see it line me!
    Mike parry and mike Graham WERE talksport! That Moz guy should be sacked immediately! He’s wrecked our station! Andy goldstein? Yup, a mate of moz’s. Keyes and gray? Yup, mates of Moz? Whoever gave him the job of programne controller should be shot! I only listen to Akan brazil now, and at 10, it’s five live for me (sadly)
    As for Durham. Loony leftie. He’s a tosser.

    Bring back the pirkmeister and SACK that twat Moz

  14. Anonymous

    the parry and graham show became a joke. two grown men constantly calling each other fatty doesn’t qualify as entertainment.that show really was dying a death. i used to cringe as they tried to outdo one another. parry was a ledge with brasil but this mid morning partnership had to go. keys/gray are obviously not as funny but thier quality contacts and guests makes the show highly enjoyable. used to love porky but the writing was on the wall

  15. Anonymous

    I haven’t listened to talksport in the morning since Mike Parry left. The 2 Mikes were the best radio ive ever heard.I used to listen to the Alan Brazil show only because Mike parry was on after. But that Ronnie Irani bloke did my head in. And so I only turn talksport on to listen to Hawksbee and Jacobs and thats it now.

  16. Anonymous

    ronny irani , northerner or southerner , he seems to switch at random

  17. Porky is a legend!Talksport was a must listen when he was on;loved his wacky ideas & wind-ups which,as has been said,people fell for.Took him for granted when he was on but now massively conspicuous by his absence.Poor old MG has to listen to that prat “The Moose” in the morning who tries to be smart but,obvious to any who hears him,hasn’t got a clue nor the personality or charisma to carry it off.
    I have to say that,despite protesting vigorously at the time that I actually quite like Keys & Gray (much more than I thought,and considering I wasn’t even going to give them a chance).
    That said,it’s still not the same as listening to the two Mikes who gave us a much more varied and alternative listen,plus a laugh or two,than is currently available anywhere!

  18. Anonymous

    Talksport plse get MIKE PARRY back.Talk sport is so dull with keys and gray.If the great BRAZIL leaves god help them.Get them back together so we can get through the mornings.

  19. Anonymous

    Bring back Mike Parry to co host breakfast show again with Alan Brasil morecombe and wise of the air waves

  20. Anonymous

    As most have said, Porky Parry was a must. However, like those two goons that took his spot are not good “listening”, I don’t the ‘Meister would be good viewing. Sadly, I think the only station that could take him is TS. It was a marriage (even though he had never officially married)that ended in divorce. We may never hear him again. Not knee jerk, but to me one of the best radio presenters I’ve heard !!
    Like many other comments, I switched off the morning shows – they are rubbish. Just anal bull….! It’s “5” (which is pretty good) or the CD. Both far better than Brazil and Irani and Keys and Gray. Thank god for H&J!!

  21. Anonymous

    I wont listen to them idiots, not a patch on Mike Parry, either weekdays, or that brilliant twosome with Andy Townsend Sat and Sundays, The more stupid presenters they get the more I switch off. I meen STAN collymore for christ sake, what a k…., and late night till 1am do we really want sport that late with Gould. we want chat at that time.. BUT MOST OF ALL BRING BACK THE PORKMEISER….

  22. Anonymous

    Mike Parry was a brilliant presenter for the station and is a massive miss on the station

  23. Anonymous

    Mike Parry is broadcasting live every day on a programme / channel called Sports Tonight Live.

    Here’s what they say about themselves:
    Sports Tonight Live is Britain’s newest sports TV station broadcasting topical sports news, sports analysis, sports discussion and sports debate. Presented by Mike ‘porky’ Parry, Chris Cohen and a host of guests and pundits, Sports Tonight is broadcast every night and throughout weekend afternoons. At other times, the latest programme is shown on a loop. Although focus is on football, other popular sports news are also covered.

    Sports Tonight is the first OTT-delivered channel on the UK’s Freeview platform. It is a new kind of channel that delivers TV content exclusively via broadband to set-top boxes. Sports Tonight Live is available on Freeview HD channel 112 through internet connected TVs and set top boxes carrying the Freeview HD platform. Sports Tonight can also be accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone by going to Additional distribution is available on Facebook and YouTube for internet connected devices.

    The format of Sports Tonight encourages live sports debate from viewers who contact the show via Skype video-call or Twitter. Producers of Sports Tonight can also poll the audience live for instant reaction to sporting events.

    Sports Tonight thrives on audience participation, so if you have a sports opinion…GET IN TOUCH!

  24. Anonymous

    Common theme going on here,big mistake those twits Keys and Gray are useless compared to Porky Parry.Have not listened to Talk Sport other than the brilliant H and J since Porky left!

  25. Anonymous

    Very entertaining despite being very Right Wing and so obviously died in the wool Conservative.
    At least he stuck his neck out which probably explains why he didnt “Get On “

  26. Anonymous

    I’m told that Gray&Grey stink the place out, I wouldn’t know myself because I haven’t listened to TS since Porky left. He was the only reason I tolerated their policy of 35 minutes of the show per hour, the other 25 being news/travel and more ads than BskyB.

  27. Anonymous

    I agree with all the comments made. Mike Parry was superb. I first started listening way back in the early days when he was on the Breakfast show with Alan Brazil. It was brilliant. It was a shame that he got ill and the partnership was broken up. Then he came back with all guns blazing. Same old Mike! We need him back on the airwaves asap.

  28. Anonymous

    Porky Parry and john Gaunt are needed back on talk sport, not been the same since they have both left, I use to Love talk sport use to listen to it everyday ! I only enjoy Brazil now and if he left would probably not have on

  29. Anonymous

    Brazil and Irani are o.k but Ronnie is taking on all the annoying traits of Brazil.Then Keys fawning over Gray horrendous for a few hours ….what a pair of tossers!!. The only thing in their favour is the fact they clearly have good connections and have interesting people on the show. Have that very very very annoying thing were they say, What!! as an exclamation…GROW UP.
    Haweksbee and Jacobs… next. It’s impossible to take Durham seriously. I understand he plays devils advocate but be don’t be ridiculous about it just to stretch the show out. All in all Mike P, get him back he is missed.

  30. Dean

    I posted the first comment on this thread, (doesnt make me daddy big balls or anything was just responding to a good blog), but please talksport bring back the Parry, if i have to listen to Keys and Grays fake laughs one more time … going to kill a puupy!, a really cute one!

  31. Irani is a useless c**t and I can’t stand listening to the Bolton born Essex boy man utd fan any more. Total brown noser so PLEASE get rid and get porky back with brazil. Also, sick of listening to gough trying to sound like he knows about football to keep himself in a job.. Twat

  32. Anonymous

    Parry and Graham sadly missed. I suppose Talksport is all about sport though and less about having a good old laugh. Then again they have Durham who really is a bore and too far left and politically correct for me. In fact he is often idiotic. No can’t compare to the two Mike’s at all. Mike B

  33. Richie

    Parry was worth listening to – superb entertainment

    Irani – useless and still sounds like a radio novice
    Keys – annoying – constantly laughing at “in” jokes like he’s trying too hard to be loved by football celebrities
    Durham – simply a plonker
    Quinny – thinks he knows it all and totally Scouse biased

  34. Anonymous

    Porky was magic-Irani is shite – if I was big Al I’d slap him for constantly talking over everyone! Oh and Quinny we all know your a scouser – fuck all to brag about!!

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