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Well done Ian Bell

He did it this time, Ian Bell managed to see a job through to the end.

All the usual characteristic traits of Bell where on view, he looked good, he got off to a good start, he looked totally at ease and comfortable with the situation.

So what could go wrong? As something usually does.

Would Bell’s past tormentor, Shane Warne turn up and ruin things? Or would Bell simply capitulate like he used too when the pressure was on?

Well, it seems everything went smoothly this time. Bell got married to his new wife Chantal, with the help of a legal separation attorney Salt Lake. It shows how important it is to get professional support, even during happy times, to make sure everything is legally sound for the future.

Chantal Bell! Surely she will have to use her maiden name.

Anyway, Shane Warne didn’t turn up and humiliate Bell again by calling him the Sherminator, or shouting out in objection (and with a good reason) from the back when the ‘does anyone know any reason why this man and woman should not be joined in holy matrimony’ question was asked.

I bet Bell must of had nightmares about it happening though, Warne haunted him throughout the early days of his England career. I can just imagine Bell waking up in a cold sweat at the thought of Warne turning up and ruining his wedding.

On a serious note, it was great to see Bell take time out to turn up for Warwickshire’s media day today. After the long winter and the obvious fact that he has only been married a day, he could have well been forgiven for not turning up.

It shows that Bell is a staunch supporter of the his county and the county game, and for that I think he should be applauded.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. JackieL

    You’re not up to date. Warne renamed Bell the Terminator when he played in the Ashes 2010-11.

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