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Well Done David Collier

I had previously thought that the England management had made themselves look as stupid as they possibly could with the Kevin Pietersen affair, but that was before the latest gaffe with remarks made by ECB chief executive David Collier.

For Collier to say that the South Africans provoked Pietersen into sending those messages is totally stupid in my view. Even in the unlikely event that it is true, the ECB can never prove it. It just makes them look stupid and like they are trying to blame someone else for what happened.

Could it be that this a pathetic attempt to smooth Pietersen’s path back into the dressing room? To say to the other players, that it was the South African’s fault what happened? If this is the case, does Collier think that the England players are stupid enough to fall for this?

Does anybody else really believe Collier’s take on things, that the South African’s deliberately set out to take advantage of a rift in the England dressing room and make the split even worse by sending texts to Pietersen, to provoke him into responding in such a negative way about his team mates that they could release the information to the media and cause even more trouble?

Am I naive in thinking that this all sounds a bit far fetched? Personally, I don’t blame the South Africans for not being at all happy about this.

Like I have written above, it just makes England look stupid again. It makes us look like sore losers, that we have to come up with excuses that it wasn’t our fault we imploded.

David Collier doesn’t normally say much. I’m not sure if this is because he is a quiet man, or because he has to be kept quiet because not the most sensible remarks come out of his mouth.

Either way, I can’t really see what this has achieved, True or not (I believe not), it was best not said at all in my opinion.

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