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Well Done Colly!

Not a massive surprise to see Paul Collingwood retire from test cricket tonight. I believe he has made the correct decision for both himself, and the team.

From his own point of view, he has looked a bit lost over the last 12 months in test cricket. The shot he got out to yesterday wasn’t great, he looked like a man desperately trying to smash his way into some sort of form. It was a sad sight.

It is also a good move for him in prolonging his ODI career. If he had carried on struggling like the way he has in test cricket, how long would it have been before it started to effect his ODI form? And the minds of the selectors.

This is also a good move from the point of the team. It has saved the selectors from making a difficult decision, not that it should have been difficult, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have been looking forward to ending Colly’s career.

It also means the England batting can move forward. We needed to blood a youngster while the team are on the up, this means that we can now ease someone in down at number 6.

Collingwood’s fielding has probably been the best part of his game, he has certainly led by example in that department. His batting has had it’s moments, but if I’m going to be brutally honest, it hasn’t been anything special.

I now that dosen’t sound very complementary, but in a way it is. Colly wasn’t blessed with outstanding talent, but has made more than the most of what he has been given, and has really excelled way beyond most observers expectations.

It was clear from the reactions of his teammates to his announcement just how popular Collingwood is with them. It is a shame his batting has to go out on a low note, but there is still a chance he might go out with a match winning catch over the next two days. If not, he still has the wicket of Australia’s batsman of the series to remember from Sydney.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. Anonymous

    Really classy decision that.

    Collingwood has been one of the cricketers I admire most actually… for their character, commitment and gutsy spirit (some of the others being Kumble, Dravid and Steve Waugh). As you noted, it helped him perform way above what many thought possible. An inspirational lesson to all, no matter what your field.

    Shame about his batting…but no one will forget that catch at Perth!


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