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Warwickshire Docked Points!

I heard it reported earlier today that the ECB Pitch Panel would be meeting at stumps on day 3 to discuss the possibility of deducting points off Warwickshire for the state of the Edgbaston wicket.

There is obviously a problem with the ground at Edgbaston, in the last game against Lancashire, Warwickshire got bolwed out for less than 100 and there were reports of large holes appearing in the bowlers run ups.

The panal said the current pitch has “excessive uneven bounce” and is “poor,” there have been many poor pitches around the county circuit and many a game finished inside 2 days over the years. Did all those home sides get points deducted as well?

I know that there are many reasons why a pitch can be deemed unsuitable, but this game is entering it’s 4th day, a side has declared on it, a batsman has scored a century and more than 240 overs have been bowled in the match so far. If it where that dangerous and bad, then surely the game would have been long over by now?

Maybe this is the reason why the panel have taken the lesser action of only deducting 8 points, rather than the 24 they could have, had they deemed the pitch ‘unfit’.

I know I’m no expert, but it seems a bit of a strange one to me.

I’m also about to purchase my ticket for Day 3 of the test match against India. Given the view of the ECB, maybe I shouldn’t bother putting any of my hard earned cash into their coffers as the match will probably be over inside a couple of days.

Now, can I have my ball back please, as I’m taking it home!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. bowyer

    i’ve seen many a test match played with uneven bounce and players injured through it.
    why were these host nations never fined or penalised.
    ECB = F.A. same old incompetence and double standards, even corrupt.
    Lee bowyer banned for a stamping by the F.A. panel Rooney banned for swearing yet newcastle’s taylor elbow on jerome and charlie adam’s tackle on bale which was the same as the tackle on eduardo for which the player was sent off. inept and biased F.A. is the verdict!!

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