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Warren Deutrom hits back at ICC

I was delighted to hear Cricket Ireland, chief executive, Warren Deutrom, on the radio today confirming that he intends to fight ICC over their ridiculous decision to exclude Ireland from the 2015 world cup.

As more information seeps out about this, it seems more and more like it is a purely financial decision by ICC, or BCCI – whoever runs cricket these days.

The stories now seem to point to 2015 being a 10 team ’round robin’ format with no ‘meaningless games’ involving non test playing nations who would apparently weaken the tournament – or weaken the TV deal as it is otherwise known to the cynics.

Unlike Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, who clearly wouldn’t weaken the tournament in the eyes of ICC.

Contradictions? Yes, in my opinion.

This is starting to look like a FIFA style carve up, the sort of scratching of backs we are used to seeing from Sepp Blatter and co.

The Daily Telegraph are claiming that Ireland are considering legal action, Deutrom didn’t say that in the interview that I heard, but he did say he was going to explore all avenues and fight the decsion.

For what it’s worth, I certainly back Warren Deutrom and Ireland in their campaign to get this decision reversed. I’m glad they are fighting it and I wish them every success.

I don’t though hold out much hope for them. If this is a decision by BCCI, which is an accusation already made in a roundabout way, then what chance do ‘little old Ireland’ have?

Not much.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Dean,

    Disgraceful decision by the ICC! But I too am pleased to see the Irish CEO’s intention to fight for justice. You can’t let the ICC get away with all their whims and plots.

    I guess in the meantime we fans should sign all the online petitions we can in support of the Associates. It may not amount to much eventually, but one has to try.

    But you know… I’m also disappointed that the relatively more influential English and Australian press don’t go after their boards and CEOs more, and demand that they stand up more for the good of world cricket. I mean despite all its evils, the Indian board at least used to stand up for SL and Bangladesh cricket in the ’80s and ’90s. Surely the ECB should be castigated (and pressured via the press) to stand up for Cricket Ireland!

    We all know the BCCI tends to have a one-track mind. But we can’t let powerful boards like the ECB and the ACB keep getting away with their “innocent bystanders” defence. Frankly, in my opinion, the BCCI, the ECB & ACB have been co-conspirators over the last 3 years… but the English and Aussie media have continued to gloss over their culpability, and focused solely on the BCCI’s depravity.

    God help world cricket… coz the 3 most powerful boards don’t want to.


  2. Hi BP,

    Couldn’t agree more, I noticed a defening silence coming from the ECB and I also heard Warren Deutrom blaming India and England, so he is in no doubt who is too blame.

    I did write something on one of the newspaper websites about ECB standing by and doing nothing.

    I know it’s wrong, but from the ECB’s point of view you would think they could benefit from having a close ally in Ireland and having them on side, like the BCCI do with their allys.

    They could apply ther own ‘block voting’ system like what seems to happen with the Asian vote.

    All the more reason for supporting the Irish, but apparently not.

    But all-in-all you are right, ECB are out of line if they are a part of this. Judging by the silence, I have to imagine they are.

    If the decision is of more financial benefit to ECB, then I can’t believe they will do anything about it, they will simply leave the Associate Nations hanging out to dry and look after themselves.

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