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Trent Bridge looks like a result wicket

Ahead of the 2nd test starting at Trent Bridge on Friday and all the stats seem to be pointing towards a result. The last draw here was back in 2002 against India in a rain affected match, since then there has been 7 successive results (with no test in 2009), taking those stats on a stage further and there has been only 2 draws in the last 12 tests here.

It was also reported on Thursday by Jonathan Agnew that there is a heavy covering of grass on top. Although most of that will be mown off by the start, it is widely acknowledged that England want a seamers wicket here to try and go for the kill while they (apparently) have India on the ropes.

The reason why I add apparently to that last sentence is because I am far from convinced that India are totally there for the taking in the way it is being portrayed by the media. India aren’t the No.1 ranked team in the world by pure luck!

Also working against India and a possible result is the news that Zaheer Khan is out injured, he would no doubt have thrived in these conditions and without him it is hard to see India taking the required 20 English wickets.

The draw has steadily drifted out on Betfair all week. It is now trading at 3.15 and was at 2.8 just 24 hours ago. England are clear favourites at 2.12 and India can be backed at 4.6.

Hoping to be able to lay the draw here at some stage. Will wait and see if it comes in to below evens, but I somehow can’t see it happening. So will watch proceedings and see how the test develops and maybe get involved at a later stage.

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