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Tommy Cooper takes on England

One phrase which caught my attention earlier today came from Jonathan Agnew on TMS when I heard him say that Andrew Strauss was out, caught by Tommy Cooper. I thought this summed up England’s day in the field, it was pure comedy.

I had noticed a Cooper in the Dutch line up, but I wasn’t aware of his name (or nickname) being Tommy or Tom. I’m pretty sure this was a slip of the tounge from Aggers, as the player is listed as Tom.

It couldn’t have been more appropiate though, as most of England’s bowling and fielding was an absolute joke.

What has happened to Jimmy Anderson? This was more like the Anderson of old, clueless when the conditions give him no assistance. He put in a similiar performance in the 6th ODI against Australia, where he took 1/91 off his 10 overs.

I’m not going to criticise him as he has had an unforgiving workload and has been unbelievable for England lately, but he sounded and – from the highlights I seen – looked totally shot.

The fielding was just as bad. Anderson also played his part in that, although he was far from the only one.

Collingwood was asleep in the field too, standing outside the ring when Broad clean bowled Borren towards the end, causing it too be no-balled. Then according to TMS, Broad did the exact same thing himself in the next over but it wasn’t picked up by the umpires. He had obviously learnt from what happened!

The catches dropped were also laughable. The Anderson/KP stand off has to be seen to be believed. Swann also dropped a dolly off Anderson, it was that bad I half think he did it deliberately just to let Anderson know how it felt.

All the departments in which I talked England up in yesterday had a mare. Congratulations have to go to Ryan ten Doeschate and the Dutch team though, ten Doeschate deserved better with the innings he played. Ultimately their bowling wasn’t good enough, but they had a real good go and can be proud of their efforts.

Today’s shambles has seen England lengthen in the betting, they are now out to a best price of 9/1 with Bet365 to win the tournament, I’d want 90/1 on that showing!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I seriously don’t think Anderson will make the team by the end of the tournament, if England progress of course. One thing I notice about him when things don’t go well is his head dropping down at the point of delivery. It’s like he’s trying extra hard but that just makes the problem worse. He needs to look where he is bowling, and place the ball more than thrust it into the ground.

    The legend Akram spoke after the Pakistan highlights on the Beeb tonight and he said that Anderson needs to change his line as he’s still bowling the line for swing on pitches in England, NZ and Aus.

    The fielding was strangely poor but Swann’s drop has to be the highlight of the World cup for me already. Why? Because I hate it when bowlers moan at their own team mates when there is a misfield and Swann is the worst moaner. Fine, if you were the worlds best fielder, you may have a right, but he is not, as he proved. Shame on him. I do like my sports-men/women to be good people too. When they’re not, it riles me.

  2. Thats right Stani, you don’t need to go back too far to find there is a lot of negatives with Anderson’s bowling.

    Ie, head drops, bad body language, does he have a go to (stock ball) when a team gets after him? etc.

    I thought he had got a lot of this out of his system in the Ashes and started to believe in himself a lot more. As I wrote, thats a couple of times in his last few games that he seems to have fallen apart now.

    Also England’s opponents are going to notice this and target him throughout the rest of the tournament. If he is starting to show signs of weakness it will be pounced on in the latter stages.

    He needs a strong performance against India, if he gets taken to the cleaners again on Sunday who knows what it might do to his confidence.

    I also think it is his lack of control at times, that cost him his place in the T20 team last year.

    With regard to bowlers fielding, Broad is just as bad for moaning at others, if not worse than Swann. But in fairness to GS, he doesn’t miss much in the slips. Judging by that drop, he’s best left in the slips.

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