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Thoughts at end of 2nd Test

I think it would be fair to say that the 2nd test wasn’t the England teams greatest performance lately.

They did do well to fight back from 22/3 on first morning, but the bowling was poor, there was some sloppy moments in the field and did they really push that hard for the win on Day 5?

I don’t want to sound like I’m criticising them, as I’m not. But if I am comparing England to the Australia team of 5 years ago, then I’d have to say that Australia would have put the runs on the board needed by lunch and would have really pressurised Sri Lanka in the afternoon.

England didn’t do that, if they are to be the No.1 side in the world, then they will need to improve on what they produced. We are a good side, but still have a lot of work to do to come up to the standards the management are talking about.

What a run of form Alastair Cook is now in. I find it hard to believe that this is the same player I thought should have been dropped about 9 months ago. With regard to pushing for the victory, could he have hurried up a bit on the fifth morning? Probably yes.

Also is he trying to become the new KP with that shot he attempted to bring up his hundred in the 1st innings?

The bowling wasn’t great either, Steven Finn will probably be the one too make way for the return of Jimmy Amderson, and I believe that’s fair enough. Finn was no worse than Tremlett and Broad, but he is the fill in man and while his performance was ok, it didn’t demand he be picked for the next test.

I’m not one for Umpire bashing, but I have to comment on Billy Doctrove and Rod Tucker. The cricketing authorites can issue all the guidelines surrounding the implementation of the bad light rule that they want. But if they employ idiots to implement the guidelines, you have no chance.

What were Doctrove and Tucker doing on Monday afternoon? It was a joke. Doctrove’s performance didn’t improve much either when he failed to call for a TV replay for Ian Bell’s runout. How can Aleem Dar be sat in the 3rd Umpire’s chair, with those two out in the middle? It doesn’t seem right too me.

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  1. Good article. Just cheer-up England cricket friend.

  2. Thanks, I’ve calmed down now.

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