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The problem with Paul Collingwood

Paul Collingwood has again been making his presence felt with plenty of talk this time from both his cricket and via his regular media contributions.

It got me thinking about how quickly things can change in the cricket (and sporting in general) world. At the end of September, I was one of probably many who felt Colly should shut up and concentrate on his cricket following his appauling form at the back end of the Ashes series.

I also don’t mind admitting I thought it was time to drop him and move on at that stage. He has since come back as strong as ever and made me think why am I so quick to jump on him when things start to go wrong?

I can only come to the conclusion that when Colly is bad, he is awful. He doesn’t just look out of form he can look totally out of his depth and embarrassing, as I believe he did in the last two Ashes tests during the summer.

Then add to that Colly’s ability to still try and be a voice of authority, speaking out of the dressing room as if he is a stalwart of the side when his batting looks anything but, can be very annoying.

He comes across as a man who thinks he is undroppable and I think that is what gets my back up.

You just get the impression that he should keep his head down and concentrate on getting his game right, not telling the World how good he and England is and how they are going to bounce back.

Maybe I’m wrong though and this is a sign of Colly’s mental strength, a positiveness that should be appaulded rather than knocked, the ability not to hide away when things are tough? I don’t know.

What I do know is that when he bounces back like this I can see why the selectors have so much faith in him.

Ok, this is limited overs cricket where I believe he is at his strongest and he still has the test matches to come where he will really be tested by the South African bowlers – maybe a defining series in his test career after the poor Ashes performance, but so far so good for Colly, keep it up.

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