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The passing off Trevor Bailey

As a 30 something year old, I obviously didn’t see Trevor Bailey play cricket, I also only have distent memories of him commentating on Test Match Special – in short I didn’t know much about him.

Since his tragic passing on Thursday I have read many of the glowing tributes to him in the newspapers and by many fellow bloggers, I have to say that I never realised just how talented he was and what an eventful life he led.

I found myself reading about a man who was compared with Douglas Jardine for his ruthlessness and Ian Botham for all round talent.

He sounded like an obdurate batsman and aggressive bowler who pushed the boundaries of cricket in the pursuit of victory, he also didn’t sound bothered about putting peoples noses out of joint if they got in the way of his ambitions.

It also emerged that he was a talented footballer and worked as a journalist and broadcaster at the highest level. There seemed no end to the mans talents.

He was also a lucky man, he had the privilege of playing with the likes of May, Compton, Cowdrey and Laker, – then commentate with Johnson, Trueman and Arlott.

As has been pointed out by many, a golden age, both on the pitch and behind the microphone.

True greats are rare, it sounds to me like Trevor Bailey was one of the best.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. Anonymous

    He lacked the charisma of Sobers, Bothan or Keith Miller but he was an obduarte opponent…a thorn in the side, a prized wicket and a dangerous bowler. Also, he put a lot back into cricket both as a club administrator and, into his 80s, attending weekly net sessions and giving advice…

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