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The Olympic Stadium Debate

I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of the two Premier League clubs vying to take over the Olmpic Stadium after the 2012 games in London, but I think it would be fair to say that there is no perfect fit for the outcome of the stadium no matter who ends up there.

Ultimately the stadium has to be regularly used, that is imperitive and athletics alone can’t sustain that, so compromise is needed. It’s also fair to say that athletics and football don’t fit well together, so there is an obvious problem.

Personally I hope that West Ham do get it and the reasons are…

West Ham are prepared to compromise and except that athletics has a right to be hosted in the stadium. Their bid will also see T20 cricket played in the stadium as well as football and the athletics meetings. It will be multi purpose, as opposed to just a football stadium.

I know it won’t be ideal for football with the running track, but what are our options? To compromise like West Ham are prepared to do, or to let Spurs smash it to the ground along with our reputation?

When we made the Olympic bid, we did so on the understanding that there would be a legacy for athletics left afterwards. We have no world class athletics facilities in Britain, Crystal Palace is a dump.

Therfore, we owe it to the IOC and athletics to leave them with a world class home.

I know that Spurs have offered to redevelope Crystal Palace, but thats not the promise we made. To watch Spurs knock down the stadium will harm our reputation around the world, we made a pledge to leave an athletics legacy, so to go back on our word now would be scandalous.

In England we have been quick to criticise FIFA (as have I) for their apparent double standards. If we allow this stadium to be knocked down, we will (almost) look as hypocritical as FIFA do/is.

I accept that there is also future potential problems with the West Ham bid. What happens if 2 to 3 years down the line they find that it dosen’t work with the running track? Do they then tear the track up? It won’t be ideal, but at least if that does happen we will have tried.

I see that the The Olympic Park Legacy Company has now put back the decision, apparently to give them more time to study the two clubs bids. Are they for real?

How long have they had and they are still dragging this out. It’s a joke. It does make me wonder have Spurs made some sort of a concession or attractive offer that has muddied the waters a little?

Also, politicians have to ratify the decision and thats another thing that bothers me!

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