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The Disappearance of Zulqarnain Haider

Sometimes when I hear a brief headline on a news or sports bulletin on radio or TV, I get a feeling that this is a story that is going to grow and grow.

I hope I’m wrong on this and that there is a simple explanation for it all, but I fear this could be another one of those stories.

What logical explanation can there be for his disappearance? He must have had a good reason to do a runner, either that or he is a complete nutter.

If what his brother is quoted as saying is true then the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit are likely to have more work on their hands. If there is any wrong doing here, then in a way it could be better to come out now and hopefully this might flush out more of these people trying to wreck our sport.

It’s good to see the PCB take this seriously and report it to ICC, although they probably couldn’t do much else given the bizarre circumstances. But there was a time recently when they would have manned the barricades and denied everything, this further highlights the positive change in attitude from them.

Another story that caught my eye over the weekend was the PCB’s attack on Mickey Arthur. To see the PCB claim that Arthur’s claims are “whimsical, frivolous, defamatory, disparaging, denigrating, libelous, slanderous and derogatory” made me laugh.

Can’t think where I have heard any similar remarks like that recently, Ijaz.

To top it all off they also managed to spell his name wrong in this statement and have apparently asked Arthur for a “substantial sum” in damages, maybe a cut from the sales of his book would be a better solution.

Will be interesting to see where this one ends up. If Arthur has this evidence, then why didn’t he report it at the time? But if he has no evidence and is saying this in the interest of book sales and only suspects foul-play, then he could be on a very sticky wicket.

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