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The Captain who lost Three Ashes Series

That seems to be the phrase I keep hearing used to describe Ricky Ponting’s tenure as captain of Australia. What a total joke that is.

Whatever Ponting’s failings or achievements as a captain, his knockers should remember that here is a man who has given his all to the cause of representing his country.

Criticism of Ponting such as the view that anybody could be a good captain with players like Warne and McGrath in their side is a bit of a cheap shot.

People should remember that not only is he a truely world class batsman, he is also a great leader of men, a great team man and he never hid or ducked anything when he was captain.

Ponting wasn’t perfect, I have shouted at my tele over his actions and onfield conduct many a time, and the incident with Aleem Dar at Melbourne certainly wasn’t his proudest moment.

But having watched a lot of Australia over the years, I got the feeling that his players would run through brick walls for him. They seemed to trust him and knew that as their captain, he would back them to the hilt.

So if he was such a crap captain (as all these ex-Aussie cricketers keep telling us he was), then why was it that his team mates seemed to hold him in such high regard?

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