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The best thing about playing the Ashes in Australia

Having been to Australia for the 5th test of the last two Ashes series (and unfortunately not being able to afford to go this year), I spent today asking myself ‘what is the best thing about an Ashes series in Australia’?

Is it,

The warm sunshine?

The cool beers down by the beach?

Christmas in the Sun?

The heat of battle between two old enemies?

Watching Premier League football in a pub pissed at 4am?

The bikini clad Aussie women?

The favourable exchange rate between the oz dollar and the pound (even though it’s nowhere near as good as 2002)?

The prospect of rubbing Aussie noses in it?

Or maybe even some quality cricket?

Actually it’s none of the above, it’s the fact that we are guaranteed not to have Daryl Harper out in the middle for all 5 test matches.

Yessssssss, get in there!!!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Can’t disagree with that, Dean. Mind you, back in the days when I went to Australia (1994-95 tour, Warne’s hat-trick and all that) we had Steve Randell, who was probably even worse!

    A poor umpire and something of a ‘dodgy’ character off the field as well.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Bloody hell, theres a name from the past. I had forgotten about him, or maybe my brain blanked out the memory.

    Yes, he wasn’t the best, was he.

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