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Test Match Betting Update

The last round of Test matches are now over, and all in all they have been fairly successful from a cricket betting perspective.

I have taken this screen shot showing my cricket trading on Betfair during the 3rd Test between New Zealand and England (if you click on it you will be able to view it better).

The screen shot was taken on Day 5 and it shows the sheer amount of times I backed and placed lay bets on all three outcomes.

Just to be clear, these are consolidated prices. What this means is that I staked a total of £300.00 on New Zealand at 1.58, and a total of £600.00 on them at 1.60, etc. This doesn’t mean I actually had £600.00 in one go at 1.60, it means when you add up all my bets placed at 1.60, they totalled £600.00.

As it happens, the £600.00 was made up of 4 x £150.00 bets, and the £300.00 was 2 x £150.00, and so on. As the screen shot shows, nearly all of my New Zealand bets were £150.00 bets.

My trading on England was nearly all done before a ball was bowled. I just placed two backs and two lays in the hours before the Test match started. In the first trade I placed my back bet at 1.77 and my lay at 1.73. And in the second bet I backed England at 1.70 and placed my lay at 1.69.

I did also have a couple of quid on them at the end of Day 1 at 16 (15/1), but it proved to be worthless.

The majority of my New Zealand trading (all the ‘odds on’ backs and lays) was done before the start of Day 5. I can’t exactly remember when I did the two draw trades, but I do know that none of these bets or lays were placed during play.

All I did in general was placed my bets when there was a few hundred pounds waiting to get matched. If there was £20K waiting to get matched, I didn’t bother attempting to place a bet.

Moving on…. and I didn’t manage to make any money from betting on the 4th Test between India and Australia, which was a bit disappointing.

I think I got caught up playing things a bit over cautious. I had guaranteed winnings coming in from the New Zealand V England Test match, and I suppose I didn’t want to risk losing that money on another bet, before I had even got the winnings in my account.

The time to move was the end of Day 2 when India were 266/8 (Australia had already been bowled out for 262 in their 1st innings). India were trading on Betfair at around 1.48-150.

I considered a bet on India, but in the end I played the over cautious card – mainly because I would have been in bed for the first session and a half of Day 3, and not in a position to react if things started to go wrong.

What I figured would happen was either the Indian tail would wag and build up a biggish lead – or that the last two Indian wickets would fall cheaply, and then they would clean up the Aussie batsmen quite quickly as well.

My reluctance was down to the possibility of Australia getting off to a good start, and me being in bed and unable to trade out of my bet. In the unlikely event of me getting up to find Australia 120/1 or without loss, my bet would have been in trouble. I didn’t think this would happen, but you never know.

And strange things can often happen in dead rubbers!

I was kicking myself about missing out on the 1.48 on India, but never mind, there will be plenty more opportunities. And as I have said before, if I had played things a bit more cautious with my cricket betting in the past, I would have won a lot more often that I did.

That’s the end of Test match betting for a few weeks now. There will be plenty more betting to come though with the Indian Premier League starting soon. I will be writing my IPL betting preview over the next couple of days.

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