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The best online games to play this Halloween

Ghouls and ghosts, zombies and goblins and things that go bump in the night: Halloween is upon us, so let’s have some spooky fun.

This year, Halloween is going to be bigger than ever. Research suggests British shoppers are going to collectively spend as much as £325 million!

As well as pumpkins, lanterns, fabulously frightening costumes and all manner of scary-themed products, there’s also a whole host of Halloween fun to be had online.

So here are three online games that are sure to get the spine chilling, the nerves-a-jingling and the blood pumping this October 31st.

Tasty Bingo – 500lbs Pumpkin

The 500lbs Pumpkin game from Tasty Bingo could see you bag £500. All you need to do to play is head on over to the Tasty Bingo site at 9:45pm on Wed 31st Oct to take part.

Playing bingo online is bags of fun – you don’t have to spend much to enjoy it and you can do it from the comfort of home, or on your mobile while on the move.

This Tasty Bingo game costs 25p a card and the winner is the first person to bingo on the Pumpkin pattern. Simple as that.

You never know, maybe you’ll be the one yelling out “Bingo!” at the top of your voice as you bag a welcome £500. Why not turn it into a blood-curdling scream if you’re feeling particularly Halloween-ey!

Horror movie maker app

Fancy making your very own Friday the 13th, Scream or, er, Halloween! You can with this Horror Movie Maker app from Lionsgate.

Download the app and have some fun – you can create a famous horror movie scene featuring photos of your friends, or chilling pictures to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ok, so you might not be the next John Carpenter, but it’ll be bags of fun sharing it with your pals.

Some old school online games

There used to be some great scary games back in the ‘80s. Why not head to somewhere like Halloween Mountain where there’s a raft of Halloween games to play online. Whether it’s Graveyard Gold, Spooky Block-Out or Pumpkin Toss, these games are guaranteed to give you the shivers.

So which will you choose? Well, how about all three? Enjoy a spot of Halloween Hangman, create your own horror movie then boot up the computer mounts for a spot of spooky bingo!

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