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As the more astute readers of this blog might have noticed, I have added a cricketers twitter feed to this site. It is intended to give an insight into the world of cricketers, as opposed to seeing drunken tweets from dropped England players slagging off Geoff Miller late at night – only to be removed by the morning.

A tweet addressed to Shane Warne from Kevin Pietersen caught my eye on Monday about someone on the Sky Sports commentary team. Any thoughts who?
Pietersen made the remark to Warne who is rejoining the commentary team for the remaining three tests, KP claimed Warne is replacing the guy who steals a living.
Assuming someone isn’t leaving Sky for the next few weeks, ie, Mikey Holding returning to West Indies, it sounds to me like the comment is directed at Mr Nick Knight.
Knight is generally the floater who will probably be pushed aside for Warne’s return, consigned to the Sky Sports scrap heap with Bob Willis. At least in Knight’s case it will only be a temporary demotion, he will be back when a series with New Zealand or Bangladesh next comes along.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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