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South Africa Lose, Punters get Hammered

South Africa’s defeat tonight was one of those unlikely games of cricket that comes along every now and again. In cricket terms, it was one of those exciting low scoring matches in which one side appears to have the match in the bag, only to lose it.

In betting terms, it was a total disaster for short price backers who thought that backing South Africa at low prices was ‘free,’ easy money. Whereas if you layed SA, you are laughing all the way to the bank.

The screen shot below – taken just after the last wicket fell – shows how much punters lost on South Africa, prior to the wicket of Graeme Smith, South Africa were backed all the way into 1.01 (1/100).

For those readers not familiar with betting, that means that punters were putting 100 pounds on South Africa just to win 1 pound (hence 1/100). 1.02 is 1/50, 1.03 is 1/33 and so on.

5 figure sums were backed at 1.04 (1/25) and shorter, and numerous 6 figure sums at prices above that. It was carnage.

From a betting point of view, when I say it was ‘one of those games,’ I mean a great opportunity to cash in. These games are rare, I remember one in county cricket two or three summers back when Surrey were in command of a game needing about a hundred runs with 8 or 9 wickets left. They also had plenty of overs to spare and a well set Ramprakash at the crease, they couldn’t lose.

They were about 1/50, so I laid them for a bit of interest (think it was only about £2) and was then delighted as I sat back and watched Surrey capitulate and my bet win. It was one of those games where I looked at the batting line up to follow and thought that one wicket might open the floodgates, thankfully for me it did.

Tonight, unfortuantely I was out and when I got home SA needed 30 runs with 4 wickets left and the chance was gone. SA were still short at 1/3, but that would have required a big lay for a match that was too close to call.

Best regards to those who cashed in tonight, but I wasn’t one of them – and I’m pissed off!

Congratulations to India as well, it looked liked a great fightback.

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